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#HIPNJ Goes to Prom!

By Lydia Arevalo

Wake up and smell the hairspray ladies (and gentlemen), it’s prom season!

Whether or not your high school days are over, you probably understand the hype around prom. It’s a celebration; a one last hoorah for high school seniors who, in a couple of months, will move onto things bigger and better things. To the class of 2016: I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. To the classes in years to come: I hope you’re ready!

As a recent prom-goer and soon to be graduate myself, I would like to share just a few reasons why prom is truly the night of all nights.

The Anticipation
Prom can be stressful and as silly as that sounds, I am certain that I’m not alone in saying that. For me, prom night started at the beginning of the year, when I realized that picking my dream dress could have been a nightmare. Although the first dress I tried on wasn’t the one I took home, thanks to the The Fig Leaf in Maywood, I found my dress in no time: a black jersey two two-piece with beaded bust and lace-up back. (I know, I can’t believe I went with black either).

The Pampering
My favorite part of prom was going out and getting both my hair and makeup done. I spent countless hours scrolling through pintrest and instagram finding the perfect look. I wanted to be different, but with that came a price. I went to countless hair salons in the weeks before prom before I found a stylist enthusiastic about my vision. The stylist at Salon Toujours in Ridgewood really took the time to get to know my hair and the hairstyle I wanted just so she could make sure it came out perfect—and luckily, it did. As for my makeup, I went to a trusted family friend at Perfect Image Salon in Rochelle Park.

The Night Itself
After months of planning, I was glad to find out that all my stress lead to a night full of incredible memories. Prom was beautiful (shout out to Seasons in Westwood). My friends and I took pictures until our cheeks hurt from smiling so much, danced until our shoes had to come off, and ate until we were afraid our dresses would rip (I wish I was kidding). There are many ways prom can be fun and unforgettable and I’m definitely glad I spent mine the way I did.

Prom is a special, once in a lifetime thing. I hope you all make the most of it.


food truck

Food Truck Frenzy!

What does a food truck have that fast food doesn’t? Quality, culture, flare, and cuisine that actually tastes good!

Food on wheels is gaining popularity all throughout the nation and lucky for us #Hippers, we get in on the fun all spring long! Here’s your guide to just some of the food festivals going on this summer right here in the Garden State:

Just Jersey Fest
Where: Waterloo Village Concert Field
When: May 7th, June 18th

Food Truck Festival
Where: Lurker Park
When: May 15th

Jersey Shore Food Truck Festival
Where: Monmouth Park
When: May 28th, 29th, 30th

JerseyFest Food Truck Mash Up
Where: Meadowlands Racetrack
When: June 4th

Atlantic City Food Truck Festival
Where: Brighton Park, Claridge Hotel
When: June 18th, June19th

Delsea Drive-In Theatre

Delsea Drive-In Theatre

#HipNJ takes it old school with New Jersey’s only drive-in movie theater!

Get ready for some serious nostalgia, you guys. Delsea Drive-In Theatre takes you back to a time where 3D and IMAX movies didn’t take a toll on your wallet. Though they’re a dying breed, there is no reason for them to be less fun than they used to be. Whether you are on a date or with the family, drive-in movie theaters allow you the comfort of your own car. Not being stuck in a movie theater allows you to enjoy your company, laugh at the parts you’re not supposed to (don’t worry, we’re all guilty), and check those ever-important notifications on your phone. Plus, it’s cheaper! At Delsea Drive-In Theatre, double features are guaranteed and triple features are a special treat. Seeing two movies (and possibly three) for the price of one at a regular theatre is almost unheard of.

Enjoy the finer things in life by simplifying them. Now that the weather is warming up, it may be time for you to take a step back in time and take your first adventure of the summer. Located in Vineland, the theatre is only an hour drive from Atlantic City!

Don’t forget to check what movies are playing at before you go.