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nancy sumas

#HipNJ Celebrates 20 Years of Komen North Jersey: Nancy Sumas

After finding out about her breast cancer diagnosis, Nancy Sumas turned to her friend and fellow cancer survivor, Deb Belfatto. Although Nancy and Deb had been friends for years, Deb sharing her personal journey greatly impacted Nancy. Their friendship grew even stronger as Deb helped Nancy through her treatment.

Throughout Nancy’s involvement over the past two decades– personally and through Wakefern, the family business– she has seen the changes that have occurred within the breast cancer community here in the Garden State. The accomplishments of Susan G. Komen North Jersey gives Nancy hope for the future of the fight against breast cancer.

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Kelly Nagle Witkowski

#HipNJ Celebrates 20 Years of Komen: Kelly Nagle Witkowski

Kelly Nagle Witkowski, Executive Director of Susan G. Komen North Jersey, is proud to be part of a community that has provided so much love and support for those battling breast cancer over the past 20 years!

For two decades, Komen North Jersey has fought and continues to fight for equal health care and resources for all. Funds raised are given to local non-profit organizations that provide critical breast health programs for the Garden State’s most vulnerable population.

Join Kelly and #HipNJ in saluting Komen North Jersey on 20 years of education, advocacy and empowerment. We’ll be at Liberty State Park on May 21st for the 10th Annual Race for the Cure on May 21! Register now at

Charles Way

#HipNJ Celebrates 20 Years of Komen North Jersey: Charles Way

Charles Way, former New York Giant, discusses his experience with the NFL and dealing with breast cancer.

“The NFL tries to bring awareness to breast cancer,” Way says. He and his wife were looking to involve themselves in an organization that provides support to those living with breast cancer.  

Way jokes that he “Decided to become a pink tie guy”.  This is just one of the many ways that Way and his wife show support for the Susan G. Komen cause and for all those living with breast cancer. 

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