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International Men’s Day

Today is International Men’s Day! This day is dedicated to all the men out there. You all deserve some positive attention and acknowledgement for the great value you bring to your families, friends and the world! Today we celebrate positive male role models and promote awareness of the societal issues that men deal with.

International Men’s Day is also the birthday of Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh’s father, a doctor from Trinidad and Tobago who actually relaunched the day in 1999. International Men’s Day often goes unnoticed, but we are here to tell you that the day does exist and happens annually on  November 19th!

Believe or not, men actually do deal with major societal issues that could potentially harm them. These include mental health, toxic masculinity and even male suicide. Toxic masculinity is a huge one. This term refers to the stereotype that stops men and boys from expressing their emotions because men are supposed to be “dominant”. 

This is unhealthy and its time for us to let our males know that we understand that they have feelings too. Its okay to express them. They need to express them. Because of this, toxic masculinity prevention groups have been created as an effort to help men get away from this stereotype. 

Here are some NJ based prevention groups:

Men Talk (Ridgewood, NJ)

This program was developed to fight against toxic masculinity. It’s a place for those men who feel like they can’t talk about certain problems because society has forced them to believe so. Chris Warren-Dickens, the director of the group hopes to spread the idea that talking about things is a sign of strength and not weakness. 

Men’s Resiliency Group (Oakhurst, NJ)

This men’s group is a safe environment for men who deal with anxiety, depression or loss. The mission of this group is to help men move forward in life when they may feel stuck or lost. Bruce Macbeth leads the group, creating a trusting and open environment for all men. 

Young Leaders (Livingston, NJ)

This group has been designed for young boys; to mold them into well-rounded men. It’s a place where these boys become leaders and gain confidence. It teaches them avoid societal pressures and just be themselves. 


Today, ask your dad, son or husband, “Are you okay?” Let them know that they are valued and appreciated, while assuring them that they can confide in you for anything

Fall Fashion with Priya Virmani

Fall Fashion with Priya Virmani

#HipNewJersey’s own Lisa Marie Latino had the pleasure of shopping with Garden State fashion guru, Priya Virmani! Virmani and Lisa took a trip to Bloomingdale’s Short Hills Mall, where Lisa was styled in the latest fall fashion trends! 

Priya Virmani is the founder of Privée by Priya , which is her style studio, created to help you build your ideal wardrobe. They also help with styling for special occasions, like birthdays, holidays, corporate events, photo shoots, etc. 

Virmani is a proud NJ resident who has always had a passion for fashion! When she was younger, she’d save up all of her allowance just to buy new clothes, and when she couldn’t, she’d take her sisters and create different looks mixing the clothes she had.

For most of Priya’s life, fashion was just a hobby. She went to college, got an MBA, got married, and had two daughters. She worked at a large bank for over ten years and then spent a few more years working in NYC. She also spent five years in Paris, the #1 place for great fashion! Today, she has turned her fashion hobby into a business!

As Priya styled Lisa, she focused not only on trends, but comfort and affordability as well. This is what being a “mixmaster” means. Bloomingdale’s is running the Mixmasters Campaign, where you mix high end brands with low end brands, as well as feminine fashion with comfortable fashion, i.e, a dress and sneakers!

Priya had Lisa rocking snake print, the “chunky sneaker” or “dad sneaker“, plaid, the “midi dress” and the “belt bag” which are all “in” right now and perfect for the season. As you can see, Priya really has an eye for fashion! What I love about her is the fact that she feels “anything goes” when it comes to fashion. She says fashion has no rules!

Make sure you contact Privée by Priya for your next big event. You’ll be sure to turn heads!

Teacher's Appreciation

Teacher’s Appreciation at SoJo Spa Club!

Its #TeacherTuesday and SoJo Spa Club has a great deal for teachers going on!

SoJo Spa Club is a Korean Day Spa, drawing inspiration from spa cultures around the world. It is 140,000 square feet full of modern amenities and traditional services spread across multiple floors of indoor and fully winterized outdoor facilities. Their many offerings include a stunning rooftop infinity pool overlooking the Hudson river and Manhattan skyline, seven sauna rooms each with their own benefits (wet, dry, salt, red clay, white clay, charcoal, far‐infrared), nine specialty outdoor pools and baths (170-foot long foot massage path, hydrotherapy pool, and hinoki, carbon‐rich and silk baths), treatments rooms from around the world including halotherapy, ice and ganbanyoku (Japanese hot stone), additional a la carte services from both Korean bathhouse culture (shiatsu, reflexology, Korean body scrubs) and American spas (manicure/pedicure, facials, etc.), an adjacent restaurant and hotel.

 Throughout October and November, SoJo Spa Club is having their Teacher’s Appreciation  fall promotion! SoJo is offering all teachers 10% off Daily Admission. This includes unlimited access for the day to all their pools, baths, and saunas. To redeem, teachers must show valid school ID. Teachers work extremely hard, shaping the minds of our future leaders. Creating lesson plans, grading, mapping out assignments, etc; it gets tough. Teachers deserve deals like this, to help them relax and get away for a bit. 

To all our #HipNJ teachers, make sure you catch this deal while you can!