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The Hip List: NeriumAD

#HipNJ’s Maria Falzo dished on the latest in skincare on This is it TV!

Nerium International has partnered with Nerium Skincare to develop and manufacture top-of-the-line skin care products. With a brand founded on cutting edge technology and research, Nerium has harnessed the benefits of the “Nerium Oleander” plant in its premiere skincare product, NeriumAD (Age Defying) night and day creams. Used for a number of centuries as a medical herb to treat various ailments, the Oleander plant is a key ingredient in Nerium AD and assists in the products anti-aging skin treatment.

NeriumAD contains “the highest concentrated amount of the NAE-8 antioxidant (derived from the Oleander plant), powerful proprietary protein blend, and vitamin E to help tighten the appearance of skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, discoloration, and enlarged pores”.

It assists users in achieving a more youthful appearance, addressing both texture and tone issues.

Behind its breakthrough cream, NeriumAD is a savvy choice for consumers when it comes to combating aging lines and wrinkles. In fact Nerium is quickly amassing a significant amount of popularity as one of the fastest growing skin care brands in North America. It has even been featured on the television talk show, “The View” and in various national beauty magazines.

Rave reviews have piled in, with people highlighting their fresher,newer look. And with today’s obsession with looking and feeling younger, NeriumAD is a must have!

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morris animal inn

Morris Animal Inn

#HipNJ‘s Lisa Marie Latino recently brought her Cocker Spaniel, Stella, to Morristown‘s Morris Animal Inn for the ultimate pet pampering experience!

Debora Montgomery, marketing manager of the Inn, explained all the wonderful amenities they provide for their special dog and cat guests.

“Pets are family, and we treat then with the utmost care and respect,” explained Debora.  “Parents can rest easy leaving their pet overnight or in daycare with our accredited staff and safe environment.”

The Morris Animal Inn is an internationally recognized pet care facility, owned by the Morris family since 1960.  Among the many features housed at the Inn, one of the highlights is the Aqua Center.  While suspended in soothing warm water, your pet is massaged by eight adjustable jets in the whirlpool!

The Morris Animal Inn puts a premium on playtime.  Morning, noon and evening nature trail walks are scheduled depending on your pet’s schedule (cats are protected on these walks via the “Kitty SUV” stroller).

They also have full service grooming salon and spa, offering free puppy primping, shed-less treatments, teeth brushing, facials and more!  As for Stella, she enjoyed a massage, paw soak, a run on the treadmill, a gourmet meal, stenciling, a perfume spray, and more.  She had it better than most humans!

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wellness lounge

Wellness Lounge of South Orange

#HipNJ‘s Gina Cerniglia made her way to South Orange‘s Wellness Lounge, and found out more about their Jersey Luxe spa services.

During the “Wellness Happy Hour” event, Gina was lucky enough to indulge in some of their offerings, including a Thai massage, ear candling, reflexology and acupuncture.  The Wellness Lounge also offers guided meditation and holistic assessment, which measures “your current wellness status and lifestyle to determine the most appropriate support for improving your overall well-being.”

Another en vogue therapy they offer is Reiki.  This technique promotes stress reduction, relaxation and healing via energy that can only be channeled by someone attuned to it.  This hypnotic experience promotes a calm, relaxed state that is a different experience for each individual.

The Wellness Lounge offers Corporate Solutions as well, which gives your employees a relaxing treat for all their hard work!  They also work within schools and communities to promote health and wellness, and even set up “pop up” luxury lounges for events and parties!

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