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Michael Napolitano on Preschool of Rock

Michael Napolitano, founder and director of Preschool of Rock, sat with Joanna Gagis on “A Life & Living Moment” to discuss his experience working with the Blue Man Group.

“Blue Man was a wonderful experience for me,” Napolitano says. He worked with the founders of the company in a small group, developing new content.

“Whatever the mad geniuses wanted to bring out there, we had to make it happen,” he says. This involved creative production, and tons of interesting instruments.

“I used to tune the tubes and create instruments with amazing technical developers,” he recalls. This has transferred to Preschool of Rock in the form of a focus on drumming. “For toddlers, it’s hard to make chords on a guitar, but you can whack on a drum,” he says.

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hip new jersey

Life and Living with Joanna Gagis and

In case you missed it, #HipNJ‘s co-founders Maria Falzo and Lisa Marie Latino sat down with Joanna Gagis on Life and Living to discuss all the great things happening on

#HipNJ is dedicated to bringing businesses and communities together to generate a positive impact for the citizens of New Jersey by utilizing digital media platforms. Statistics show that digital media as an information distribution outlet is projected to take the place of television in the marketplace in the near future.

One of our features, HipNJ Cares, focuses on working cooperatively with non-profits to optimize their outreach and increase awareness of their missions to land a tangible local footprint. 

“We have such great businesses, small businesses and large corporations […] we showcase the good that New Jersey has to offer,” Latino states in the interview.

“We’ve done a lot of networking,” Falzo further explains their engagement to cultivate “the sense of what it means to get that large business into a community.” 

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Sarah Charness on her Performance Style

Sarah Charness, electric violinist, sat with Joanna Gagis on “A Life & Living Moment” to discuss how her dancing background influenced her performance style.

“You almost perform through your violin as if you are singing,” Gagis says. “It’s like something is literally pouring out of you.”

Where does that passion come from? “When I was training, I was always told not to move so much when I played,” Charness recalls. She was a dancer, and movement came naturally.

However, being active while playing has always been an important part of her performances. “It’s a part of how I portray my message to an audience.”

“For me, being really physically active in a performance is just a part of how I play and the passion coming out,” she says

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