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Chanel Zeisel on Jersey City Bike Share

Chanel Zeisel, General Manager of Jersey City Bike Share (aka Citi Bike JC), sat down with Steve Adubato on “One-on-One,” to explain how Jersey City is the ideal location for this program.

“Jersey City was a really natural fit for a Bike Share,” Zeisel said. “It’s relatively dense,” she explained. There are a couple of hills, but you can work up to them.

Jersey City is the second most populated city in the state of New Jersey, and Mayor Fulop is interested in the initiative. “It was a very progressive vision of his to bring Bike Share to Jersey City,” Zeisel said.

Bike Share aims to help people enjoy their urban environment. To learn more about Jersey City Bike Share, check out their website.

Michele Gannon on Mary’s Place By the Sea

Michele Gannon, President of Mary’s Place By the Sea, sat down with Steve Adubato on “One-on-One,” to explain how they help women with cancer heal from the inside out.

Mary’s Place by the Sea is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women who are receiving treatment for cancer.  They provide services that complement their medical treatment, including oncology massages, nutrition education, individual counseling, and yoga…all free of charge.

Gannon says that once diagnosed, sometimes the soul of the person is lost through the medication and screens. “We connect that person again and let them really feel,” Gannon says.

It is an emotional journey, taken with over 100 different volunteers, many of which are survivors. These volunteers can sit with the guests and discuss what they went through, creating a sense of mutual understanding.  “The emotional connection that starts to happen is where the healing begins,” she says.

To learn more about Mary’s Place By the Sea, check out their website.

Mike Schneider on New Jersey Trails

Mike Schneider, Emmy award-winning journalist and host of NJTV‘s “On The Trail With Mike Schneider,” sat down with Steve Adubato on “One-on-One,” to explain that trails are easy to find across New Jersey.

While it may seem that much of the surrounding area is an urban setting, Schneider says that “trails are in your backyard.”

“If you take out a map of New Jersey,” he explains, “you will find that there are parks filled with trails nearby.”

New Jersey has developed parks, and it is all there. “You don’t have to go far at all to find a good and local trail,” Schneider says.

To learn more about “On The Trail With Mike Schneider,” check out the show’s website.