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Get the scoop on New Jersey’s hottest and hippest places to see and be seen. From the trendiest fashions and most stylish shopping spots, to delectable dining and eclectic events, Hip New Jersey breaks down the best places to shop, socialize, wine and dine in the Garden State. With sneak peeks at everything you need to know to stay in vogue, #HipNJ exposes everything our beautiful state has to offer.

#HipNJ Cares: The CANswer Project

#HipNJ’s Sam Selvaggio is in Kettleworth where the Burb Neighborhood Fair has gathered over forty local vendors in support of the CANswer Project!

Stefania Colosimo, chairwoman of the CANswer Project, has recently lost her mom to lung cancer. In honor of her mother and other’s fighting the horrific disease, local vendors gather to sponsor local charity at this event.

The CANswer Project’s mission is to host fundraisers focused around life! Everyone at the event is a local business and this is great in helping promote the local community!

One local business is “not your grandma’s antique shop”. Garret Maney IV, owner of Antique Antics, closed shop just for the event! Now that’s dedication. Another local owner, Paul Mecca, owner of Patricia & Paul Artisans of Fine Oils and Balsamics, has a stand for locals to sample all of his great entities. He even donates 10% of all proceeds to the CANswer Project!

To check out more about this event and see what other great things this local community is doing for the CANswer Project check out their website!


#HipNJ: Tech Launch

#HipNJ recently took a visit to New Jersey’s Tech Launch event where founder and CEO Mario Casabona shared the importance behind this great event!

Mario shares with #HipNJ that the event is ” a place to get a little more grounded and even have your business plan tailored”. Its a great way to mitigate  start-up risks in growing businesses. Tech Launch helps with everything from seed funding to business training.

CEO of Fusar Technologies Ryan Shearman says “I still would be working nights and weekends at Starbucks if it weren’t for the accelerated program.” Stuart Hinds, CEO of ASC “wouldn’t have all of the support and wouldn’t be ready to take on the start-up world” without Tech Launch. He also tells us the ten minute pitches they do allow the companies to get great feedback. He has also learned the benefit of catering his pitches to the different audiences he comes across and Tech Launch has helped him and his company recognize that.

Many of the owners of these companies like Dariusz Jamiolkowski of Outdoor Exchange are “jersey born and bred men” and love that it is a local New Jersey program. Ed Berde, co-founder and CEO of Retail Shopping Systems says it would cost more to go overseas but by staying locally in New Jersey, his product was manufactured successfully in a few weeks.

“There is a pent-up demand for all these innovators to come out and start companies”, Mario tells #HipNJ. “They’re all my babies, and they’re all beautiful.”

For more information on Tech Launch, visit them at

#HipNJ: Sip on This, Miller Lite Edition

#HipNJ’s very own Emily Sperduto is at our Miller Lite sponsored “Sip On This” event around New Jersey to get the inside scoop on why Miller Lite drinkers love their beer!

Stephen Booth of Buffalo Wild Wings in North Brunswick says they have a lot of people in and are very excited and happy to be selling Miller Lite this evening. Stephen says it’s a great, refreshing beer for a hot summer day. They are selling $3.25 160z aluminum cans of Miller Lite and it’s a hit!

From the Tavern Off the Green and The Grasshopper in Morristown, to Ale House Tavern & Tap in Sayerville, and even Bufffalo Wild Wings in Wathcung, there are Miller Lite lovers everywhere!

Why do people love Miller Lite so much? Emily asked some of these drinkers just why Miller Lite is their drink of choice. It’s “smooth and really tasty for a light beer”, “vintage cans make Miller Lite taste better”, and “simple, it goes with three things: food, friends, and a good time” are just some of the reasons #HipNJ residents love Miller Lite!