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The Hip List’s Spring Fling Products

#HipNJ’s Maria Falzo is here to show you her top spring fling picks!

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Proper hydration is the most essential step to keeping healthy in the warmer months and Essentia Water is the best tool to do so. Essentia is created using a proprietary process that results in a supercharged ionized alkaline water with a 9.5 pH or higher that’s better at rehydration*. Essentia is available nationwide in over 50,000 U.S. retailers in most major grocery stores, as well as in most health or natural food stores. Essentia Water is also available for purchase online at

Junkless chewy granola bars are made in a way similar to those typically found in recipe books with Non-GMO ingredients you can find right in your household pantry. Each food product contains just 8 or less all-natural Non-GMO ingredients that you know and trust. In front of me here are four fabulous flavors – Cinnamon Roll, Strawberry, Chocolate Chip and Peanut Chocolate Chip.

Lifetherapy is a lifestyle beauty brand committed to positive self-expression through a collection of fragrances, bath & body products and accessories. The Lifetherapy bath and body collection uses fragrance as an initiator of the quickest way to evoke a mood or a memory. Their collection of 5 fragrances create the sense to PLAY, ESCAPE, CHILL, VACATION, and FLIRT. Lifetherapy’s mood boosting fragrances are paraben free, sulfate-free, not tested on animals and made in the USA.

These next products are for the mom who loves to be pampered!

Finding extra time to fit in that much needed spa appointment can be a struggle. G&H Nourish+™, Amway’s latest top-to-toe body care line, will give even the most time-strapped mom the tools that she needs to pamper herself at home on even the most ordinary of days. G&H Nourish+™, which includes a Body Lotion, Body Wash, Complexion Bar, Hand Cream, offers restorative body care

For the trendy mom, lip gloss is a must-have accessory allowing her to quickly jazz up or add a pop of color to any outfit she’s rocking.  Available in eight fabulous shades, Artistry Signature Color Light Up Lip Gloss has an extra moisturizing formula.

Between packing lunches, getting kids onto the school bus and fitting in breakfast, mornings can be hectic but finding time to prep and protect skin for the day ahead is a must. Artistry Ideal Radiance™ Illuminating CC Cream combines the benefits of an advanced skincare cream that brightens and protects in one simple step for beautiful, even-toned skin.

Goddess Garden is a certified organic skincare company, created by a mom for her daughter, whose skin reacted poorly to conventional sunscreens and body products. Goddess Garden is most commonly known for its organic, reef-safe, non-nano sunscreen, but they also offer a complete line of certified organic skin care and essential oils. Plus, all products are made onsite in Boulder County, Colorado, and feature recyclable packaging!

Are missing hair bows and clips a common problem in your home?  Thanks to the founder of celeb-favorite Culver Cutie who is also a mom herself, you now have an adorable, little girl approved and mom-tested storage solution to your problem! Each bow holder looks like a princess dress complete with bodice, ribbons, and tulle skirt. It also includes a sturdy tulle loop at the top so you can easily loop it over a door handle or hook!

Culver Creations also sent over their Tech Smart Wallet Cross Body Purse that includes a really fun tassel. This is a stylish way to carry around your smart phone!

She’s Her Own CEO is fun and uplifting, and it celebrates women of all professions. This zip-up hoodie is a comfortable way to celebrate the woman in your life. It’s the perfect weight to wear year-round, and it is slightly longer and oversized so you can layer it with yoga pants or even dress khakis.

If you are interested in ordering this or other She’s Her Own CEO products, use promo code HIPCEO to receive 15% off and free shipping! Visit their website for more.

Foxcroft has a 25 year legacy of creating beautiful, timeless blouses. Expert craftsmanship, distinctive patterns and a flattering fit have made it a trustworthy brand for today’s women. We also offer plus size in most of our styles.

Maria is wearing the Taylor Petite Non-Iron Shirt-Dress. She loves it because it’s so easy to care for – wear it, wash it, repeat! This comes in 24 sizes, 10 colors and 7 silhouettes.

Also featured is the Fay Tunic which is made with Supersoft Tencel. It’s lightweight and breezy perfect for Spring.

For more, visit

“Sleepy Toes” by Kelli McNeil is an irresistably sweet goodnight story just right for little ones who need to get the widdles out before settling down for bedtime. This simple story masterfully captivates and lulls readers into slumber – starting from their tickly toes all the way to their sleepy eyes!

If you are struggling to get your tot to sleep, you must add this book to your nighttime arsenal!

Tervis Tumbler manufactures insulated tumblers that use double-wall technology to harness the natural insulating properties of air. The double-wall insulation is made by inserting an inner liner that fits inside an outer shell, creating a layer of air between them. The two liners are then permanently fused together. The insulation reduces condensation and keeps beverages hotter or colder longer than non-insulated cups and glasses. You can order these essential warm-weather items in a variety of customized designs!

NeriumFirm is a skin-tightening cream developed from the patented NAE-8 extract of the Nerium oleander plant. Its powerful antioxidant formulation has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimpling and to help smooth, tighten and firm the appearance of loose skin. You need to add this to your beach beauty bag this spring!

Hip List’s Valentine’s Day Giveaway WINNERS!

The Hip List’s Maria Falzo, has all the details for thoughtful and creative Valentine’s gifts for everyone in the family. Here on #HipNJ, you can have the opportunity to win one of everything in this amazing list of items.

Our first gift is the Baby’s Time Capsule from Heritage Time Capsules. This is a great new keepsake and must have for all new mommies and mommies to be! The Baby’s Time Capsule gives mothers or family members a place to save mementos from your baby’s first year. The capsule includes a “How To” that includes step by step information for loved ones to write letters to the baby. You are able to capture all the memories of your baby’s first year and then, in 20 or 30 years, give your child a chance to recapture them.

Our second gifts are from, Dubi Jewels, from Maluka in Wyckoff or the Etsy shop at Dubi Jewels. The gorgeous necklaces are all made with glass beads featured on our gift give away. The first necklace is the evil eye necklace that is made with the midnight blue oval faceted glass beads and gold nuggets. The second necklace features mala inspired white gold and jade beads that also has a handmade tassel at the bottom.

Our third gifts are from Nerium International, which are the Nerium Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches that comes with a pack of 5. These are perfect for after a long night out or even for someone wanting to have a quick spa day right at home. These eye patches are perfect to minimize puffy or tired eyes while giving you an instant lift. The second Nerium item in this giveaway is the EHT mind enhancement supplements, which are perfect for tired parents or athletes. These supplements help with focusing, muscle memory, and endurance.

Our fourth gift is from the etsy shop, PaperPartyBox, which creates fun customized t-shirts for anyone of your family and friends. On her etsy shop there is an array of customized items. The best part of
PaperPartyBox is that a portion of their proceeds go to The March of Dimes.

Our final gift for this Valentine’s giveaway is for the little ones. This gift is perfect for the children. It gives them a chance to put together and decorate their own treat. The treat shown in the video above is the Valentine Robot Snacks, which only involves applesauce, apple juice, and raisins.

To enter to win, log onto our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Show these brands some love by following them on their social media platforms, and spread the word to your friends by liking/sharing/tagging our posts!

Valentine’s Day Update: Announcing our Winners!

Niz Chauhan on Facebook: PaperPartyBox Mother tee
Ginie Perez on Twitter: Nerium International eye patch
@Lorenedes on Instagram: Dubi Jewels necklace

Congratulations to our winners!


Announcing Our #HipHolidays2016 Winners!

Thank you to the hundreds and hundreds of people who entered our #HipHolidays2016 giveaway!  Here’s who made Santa’s Hip List:

Formaggio Cheese: @MushyStarr (Twitter) 

“Ten Years Later”: @MewzMe2 (Twitter) 

Wiggletot: @NicolesChoice1 (Twitter) 

NJ Mom HQ: @Laxer1215 (Twitter)

“Lies and Other Acts of Love”: @Gottobe2 (Twitter)

Baby Accupressure System: @DBlack717 (Instagram)

Baby’s Time Capsule: @MarkGirlJana (Twitter) 

She’s Her Own CEO: @PattyCakes_65 (Twitter)

Nerium: @Darlene4999 (Instagram)

Booby Bars: @Farrell1939 (Instagram)