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lester holt

NBC’s Lester Holt Attends Montclair State University

By: Andrea Fasciano

American journalist and TV anchor Lester Holt recently visited Montclair State University. He received the Allen B. DuMont Broadcaster of the Year award for the college’s School of Communication and Media. This is an award that recognizes outstanding television professionals.

Holt briefly touched upon how his admiration for broadcasting extends back to his teenaged years. To gain experience, he spent time recording himself with a tape recorder so he could practice his diction. He explained, “I fell in love with journalism and it’s potential for power”. The most difficult part of his career was when he got demoted. However, while this was a minor drawback, it invigorated him to strive and work harder. “I feel so lucky to have this job. You have to want this and you have to have the passion”, he stated to the crowd gathered in the 7th floor conference room of University Hall.

Many students were highly interested in hearing Lester’s outlook on moderating the first presidential debate. Several individuals approached him at the conclusion of the debate praising his performance as a moderator. They also expressed their hopes for him moderating again in the future. He humorously responded, “lose my number”, which sent the audience of staff and students into loud laughter. He mentioned how the debate was so intense that at one point he questioned whether he should leave the two candidates to talk amongst themselves. All in all, being the moderator of the debate seemed completely surreal to him.

He also highlighted some crucial components when it comes to journalism and gave enlightening professional advice to students entering the media industry. Going to smaller markets builds great experience and having mentors will allow you to flourish in the industry. He also urged students, “Be a critical thinker and do a little research”. Being informed leads to having a deeper understanding of what is going on in the world since “education has the power to open our eyes. So it is important to broaden our horizons”.

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Ode to Odell Beckham Jr.

By: Marisa Reinhart

Odell Beckham Jr. again proves that he can seriously do anything. The wide receiver displayed his talent and otherworldly athleticism at teammate Brad Wing’s Charity Softball Game.

We all know that OBJ can catch anything thrown his way, but he also showed that he has some serious softball skills too. During the home run derby, OBJ ran up to the plate and smashed the ball out of the park. He didn’t just get lucky either; he hit multiple home runs throughout the night.  Last year, he showed off his pitching form by easily throwing a perfect strike.

The stunned and ecstatic crowd  cheered on Odell and chanted his name as he flipped the bat and rounded the bases. OBJ was the hit of the night and took time to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.

Is there anything that OBJ can’t do?

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adam glyn

TMZ’s Adam Glyn of Union

Meet the Toast of Union, New Jersey, TMZ’s Adam Glyn!

#HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino chatted with New Jersey’s newest star at his favorite hometown hotspot, the “legendary” Tiff’s Burger and Alehouse, over some of his menu favorites and beers!

Adam graduated from Union High School and is an alum of Kean University.  His college experience, however, wasn’t “typical.”

“I didn’t have the normal college life,” Adam explained. “Instead of partying, I would drive into the city and do stand up. I would work in the comedy clubs for stage time.”

Paying his dues paid off BIG TIME for Adam.  One night after a show, a rep from a then-little known website called TMZ offered Adam a two week contract.  He has now been with them for over six years!

TMZ has led to amazing opportunities for Adam. In addition to hob-knobbing with A-list celebs on a daily basis (which we learned all about in this bonus segment!), Adam has opened up for the best comics in the biz, including fellow #HipNJ native Artie Lange.

Recently, Adam added “game show host” to his illustrious resume. Monday-Friday at 5:30pm on My9, you can catch Adam on “South of Wilshire“.  Set in the Crenshaw District in Los Angeles, contestants watch videos shot in local restaurants, bars, churches, tattoo parlors, gyms, basketball courts and more, and have to guess which celebrity frequents there.

Needless to say, Adam has accomplished his main goal- to feel like he doesn’t work.  “I’m 31-years old and I feel like I’ve never had a job,” exclaimed Adam.  “It’s been great so far.”

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