Workshop With Diane Lang

February 28, 2018 @ 7:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Ramsey Adult School
256 E Main St
Ramsey, NJ 07446

Workshop With Diane Lang

Diane Lang is a positive life expert, life coach, and speaker. Join her on February 28 at 7pm to her workshop at Ramsey Adult School.

Ms. Lang also wrote a book named “My Rules For 2018” and has some ways of how to make you, the best version of yourself:

Compliment at least 2 people a day and mean it.
Strive for excellence but not for perfection.
Take the opportunity every day to tell someone you love them.
Think big, dream big, but appreciate the small things.
Commit yourself to constant improvement both professionally and personally.
Be forgiving of yourself and others, holding onto anger will make you sick.
Say “Thank You” and “Please” often, politeness makes people smile.
Remember other people’s birthdays.
Be the first to smile, say “Hello” and ask how they are.
Look people in the eye, show you are listening.
Avoid negative people, moods and emotions are contagious.
Be there when people need you.
Ask for help.
Never underestimate the power of Love.
Rekindle old friendships.
Keep your promises.
Don’t expect life to be fair, life is a roller coaster ride.
Be grateful everyday, it will shift how you see the world.

As a Therapist, Educator and Positive Living Expert, Diane has dedicated her career to helping people turn their lives around and is now on a mission to help them develop a sustainable positive attitude that can actually turn one into an optimist, literally.

Through her two books, “Creating Balance & Finding Happiness” and “Baby Steps: the Path from Motherhood to Career.” Diane has been speaking and empowering parents and adults nationwide. She is also an Adjunct in Psychology at Montclair State University, where her college work includes mentoring students for personal issue advisement.

As an expert in her fields of therapy, Lang has been featured in the Daily Record, Family Circle, Family Magazine, Working Mother Magazine and Cookie Magazine, seen on NJ 12 TV, Good day CT, Style CT, The Veira Network, CBS TV and “Fox & Friends”. She has also participated in a reality based Internet show,, hosted Generation X-tinet. In addition Lang writes a blog for

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