What Exit? Web Series

One girl is living at home again after her fiancé calls off their engagement. Her best friend’s blooming NYC career takes a sharp turn when her company lets her go, taking her back home as well. While the two are excited to reconnect by hitting up the clubs, they are left with the looming question of what comes next for them. What exit will they take?

This question, among others, is answered in What Exit?, a NJ-based series that is hitting the web throughout the #GardenState. The show tells the story of Tina and Lexi, two struggling 20-somethings living in New Jersey.

Some cast and crew from the series stopped in the #HipNJ studio to share with us a little about the show and how it came to be.

Director and creator Sophia Eptamenitis told us the show was originally written as a feature. With a restricted budget, she decided to make it a web series instead. She was working on a short drama prior to What Exit? but came across a draft of the web series’ script and decided she wanted to move forward with that instead.

Lauren Klemp
, who plays Claudia, Tina’s college-aged younger sister, studied theatre at Fordham University and does a lot of work in the field, but enjoys working with Eptamenitis on What Exit? the most. Jessica Carollo, who portrays Tina, has been around the acting business all her life and studied at Circle in the Square Theatre school, located in Manhattan at the bottom of a Broadway theatre.

Klemp enjoys letting loose while filming the club scenes. Carollo particularly enjoys filming conversational scenes between two characters.

“It was just more personal and intimate,” Carollo said.

Learn more about the show and how you can view it by visiting its website, liking it on Facebook or following it on Instagram.