Author Matt Sweetwood’s Book Party in NYC

This week, #HipNJ is featuring Matt Sweetwood – author, entrepreneur, single-father and life coach – whose most recent project, a self-help book entitled Leader of the Pack, was recently celebrated at Till & Sprocket NYC with a stimulating discussion about marriage, divorce, parenthood, and leadership.

Matt’s expertise comes from his own struggles as a divorced father of five children. He escaped an abusive marriage at a time when males were rarely the primary caregivers – let alone capable of simple tasks like changing diapers. His wife walked out when his oldest child was a mere eight-years-old.

His journey from breadwinner to sole parent is inspirational for single fathers everywhere who find themselves facing the same stigmas that Matt grappled with for many years. In addition to parenting advice, Matt discusses his experiences in the business and the dating world. Matt believes that a successful and happy life has to exists outside of the principal role of parenting.

Currently, Matt runs a consultancy, MSweetwood LLC. Consulting, aimed at helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, bloggers and more. He shares his abilities with a broader audience through his life coaching and motivational speaking.

You can purchase a copy of Matt Sweetwood’s Leader of the Pack on Amazon or you can learn more about Matt’s services through his website.

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