morristown game vault

Morristown Game Vault

By Nick Bougades

Do you miss the old-school gaming days of Dig Dug, Galaga, and Pole Position? Morristown’s new arcade on South Street offers a throwback experience for all ages!

Set in an old bank, the Morristown Game Vault is filled with vintage arcade-style video games, pinball machines, and even classic consoles like Super Nintendo.

Differing from the traditional token-driven arcade, at the Morristown Game Vault you can pay $7 per half hour or $10 per hour for unlimited play on all your favorites among over 90 games available in the vault area.

Aside from being the perfect spot for private parties, the Morristown Game Vault also holds a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament every Thursday. Whether it’s for a whole afternoon of gaming or just killing some time before a dinner reservation, the Morristown Game Vault is a great spot for some family fun!

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