Alyssa Alia

Alyssa Alia, Author of “If The Table Could Talk”

#HipNJ considers Alyssa Alia, author of the cookbook “If the Table Could Talk,” a culinary life saver! Alia writes recipes that are easy for any busy #JerseyGirl to whip up without feeling wiped out. 

Alia explains to Joanna Gagis in “A Life and Living Moment” how she put her culinary genius to practical use.  She says, “The recipes are very very simple, I simplified them, and even how I wrote the recipes [was to ensure simplicity].” 

Alia goes on to discuss how the entire cookbook is styled so that it is headache proof for even the most inexperienced chef! So, grab your aprons and pick up a copy of “If the Table Could Talk”, because Alyssa Alia has made cooking simple!

For more on Alyssa Alia and her cookbook, you can visit her website.

Garden State Comic Fest

Garden State Comic Fest Recap

Recently, Lisa Marie Latino sat down with Sal Zurzolo to talk about his upcoming event, Garden State Comic Fest! Since then, the event has passed and comic lovers were able to celebrate their passion at the William G. Mennen Arena in Morris County! #HipNJ has the inside scoop on this event. 



Event goers celebrated their love for comics in a multitude of ways at the Garden State Comic Fest.  Many even dressed up as their favorite comic book characters! 

Photo Credit: HSL Photography

Additionally, attendees were able to listen to a panel of comic book experts! 

Photo Credit: HSL Photography

Some were even lucky enough to talk one-on-one with certain comic book authors themselves. 

Photo Credit: HSL Photography

The event took full advantage of Mennen Arena, with event goers ice skating in their comic book costumes! 

Photo Credit: HSL Photography

All in all, the event was a #comic success! #HipNJ commends Garden State Comic Fest for hosting another successful annual celebration of comics. 

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Morris County Unveils First Trail Blazes for 9/11 Memorial

This past Saturday marked the unveiling of the first trail blazes on Morris County’s new September 11th National Memorial Trail.  The 1,300-mile trail will be a touching and lasting tribute to first responders and victims of the September 11th attacks.  Morris County especially wishes to honor the 63 residents of it’s community that were lost in the 2001 attacks.  

A ceremony was held in Randolph to showcase the new blazes and give a glimpse of what the trail will become in the upcoming year.  

Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, Morris County Freeholder Director Dough Cabana, Park Commission President Betty Cass-Schmidt, Randolph Mayor Christine Carey and Sheriff James Gannon were all in attendance of the event and showed their support for those lost on 9/11.  

Andy Hamilton, President of the September 11th National Memorial Trail Alliance gave a statement on what the creation of this trail means to the community, “Our vision for both this alliance and the memorial trial is to unite fellow Americans, trail enthusiasts, organizations and the families of those lost in the attacks, and work together to make this a reality”.

#HipNJ honors those who lost their lives in and responding to the September 11th attacks and supports the building of a trail that will keep their memories alive forever.

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