Star Dog

Do you give a “shirt?”

Star Dog certainly does.  What started out as a small charitable concept is now a booming business helping children in need!

#HipNJ’s Kelly Dillon sat with the founder and owner of Star Dog, Denise Riccotti, to learn more about this stylish organization.

The company was born out of a clothing donation Denise made to an orphanage in Mexico.  The children were ecstatic when they received the brand-new garments, and asked if they could have dogs printed on the shirts.  Thus, a brand was born!

Star Dog’s shirts are made from pre-shrunk, soft spun cotton, and are available in all sizes.  #HipNJ charities that SD is affiliated with include The Valerie Fund’s “Camp Happy Times”; Your Grandmother’s Cupboard; Father English Center and many, many more.

When you purchase a shirt from Star Dog, they in turn donate one back one of their charities.  To pay it forward in a fashionable way, or to learn more about Star Dog, please visit their website.

Fashion Swain

If you are looking for the latest trends in fashion, the hot blog Fashion Swain is a must-visit!

#HipNJ’s Kelly Dillon chatted with the creator of Fashion Swain, Cara Zamorski.  They spoke about the world of blogging, her fashion idols, great shopping spots in New Jersey and more.

Cara explained how she came up with the catchy name of her website:  “I was thinking about how confident I feel when I have a great new outfit on, and it compares to the butterflies of dating someone new.  “Swain” means male lover, so it was a perfect fit for my blog- I feel like I’m having a fling with fashion!”

Fashion Swain’s “Outfit of the Day” posts have been among the sites’ most popular reads.  “Guest Flings”, where followers can submit their own photos of their favorite looks, is a huge hit as well.

Her fashion inspirations include the Kardashians and E! host Giuliana Rancic, just to name a few.

What are Cara’s favorite places to shop in #HipNJ?  “The boutiques are my favorite, and there are so many hidden gems across the state.  My favorite mall store is Express.”

For more on Cara’s takes on fashion, visit

Jersey Fest featuring Mr. Cory’s Cookies

From food trucks to concerts, this year’s Jersey Fest at the new Meadowlands Racetrack had a little something for everyone, and #HipNJ was there to capture all the festivities!

This year, Jersey Fest featured the Food Truck Mash-Up– among other vendors across the Garden State- to showcase the best #HipNJ has to offer.  Furthermore, 2014 marked the first year that Jersey Fest was held in the new Meadowlands Racetrack grandstand, which completed it’s $88 million dollar renovation in November of last year.

“Jersey Fest is a celebration.  It’s a time to come out and showcase the businesses from our state,” said T.H. Waldman, manager of Exposure, the company’s events division.

#HipNJ’s Kelly Dillon spoke to many of the vendors and attendees, including Internet sensation Cory Nieves,  the remarkable ten year old who owns Mr. Cory’s Cookies.

Cory proclaims: “My cookies are all natural, and they’re the best cookies because they are made with love.”

Jersey Fest also gave back to the state.  The Center for Food Action collected non-perishable items, and attendees donated used sneakers to the Max Cure Foundation, which raises money to help pediatric cancer.

For more information on all of Jersey Fest visit, please check out their website.

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