Meet Maywood’s Katoure Consignment Boutique

#HipNJ recently interviewed consignment celebrity Karen Stagg, owner of Katoure Consignment Boutique located in Maywood!

#Hippers, if you’re all about discount shopping and high-end handbags, this place is definitely for you!

Hip New Jersey: How was it like being recently featured on reality T.V.?

Karen Stagg: Amazing!  Our feature on “Life of Debt” aired on March 13th at 10pm on Spike. This was highly anticipated as the producers came into the boutique to film around April/June of last year.

The show is basically a financial makeover type of deal. Victor Antonio, the show’s financial strategist, is trying to help people change their way of spending money. Our episode featured a wife who had expensive taste and sold some of her high-end items to the store.

HipNJ: How did the production company find you?

KS: We get phone calls and emails from different scouts asking to film in the store on a consistent basis. Maywood is very charming and our store reflects that.

HipNJ: What were the other shows you were featured on?

KS: The biggest show was for NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”. It’s always a great time.

HipNJ: When did you open the store?

KS: I started the store four years ago and before that I sold out of my home for three years.

HipNJ: What makes you so passionate about what you do?

KS: This is in my blood.  I grew up as a garage sale/flea market type of baby, and always shopped in consignment stores before I opened my own.  When it came time to open my storefront, I let my instincts take over.

HipNJ: High-end consignment shops seems to be all the rage right now.  What sets you apart from the rest?

KS: My customers know I have very fair prices, and they know they will be working with me.  That familiarity goes a long way.  I keep a record of who bought what, and have a “wish list” for customers waiting on certain items.  It’s almost like I’m their personal shopper, and you don’t get that in other consignment stores

HipNJ: Talk about owning a storefront here in New Jersey and particularly in Maywood.

KS: I picked Maywood because this is a huge walking town, no matter the season.  Maywood’s downtown is so quaint and family-oriented, and it’s nice that residents have everything they need right at their fingertips.  And best of all for shoppers, there’s parking!  I love this town and I love my beautiful space.  Please come and check it out!

If you have fabulous items to sell or want to splurge a little on yourself visit Katoure Consignment Boutique at 54A West Pleasant Ave, Maywood!

Spring Break 2016 – Top 6 Destinations!

So while this wasn’t the worst New Jersey winter, we’re still craving the warm summer air!

Here’s our picks for our top 2016 Spring Break destinations:

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.01.11 AM

1. If you’re a college student seeking adventure this Spring Break, live it up in top destinations such as Cancun, Bahamas, Panama City Beach, South Padre Island, Punta Cana, or Inception at Sea; the first ever all-inclusive Spring Break cruise! Get more info HERE!

costarica2. Make the best of 2016’s Spring Break in Costa Rica. Wildlife comes out in March so, take a tour (or a few) in the most beautiful spots of Costa Rica! Get more info HERE!

atlantis-paradise-lagoon-water-boats-bahamas.jpg.rend.tccom.1280.9603. Atlantis Paradise Island Resort is the best place for families to break away from the routine this Spring Break. Be sure to check out special deals they have to offer & start planning your trip to the Bahamas! Get more info HERE!

ranch54. Saddle up on the coolest getaway trip to Rancho de los Caballeros in Arizona! This awesome sleep-away camp is perfect for the family to escape from it all & experience the true outdoors-y life with tons of activities for the kids so you can relax! Get more info HERE!

mexico5. Located near the Mayan ruins and cliffs of Tulum, Amansala Resort is an idyllic spot with white beaches and shady palm trees. But before you climb into the hammock, you’ll be working hard at Bikini Boot Camp, a PERFECT all-inclusive fit getaway for men and women. Get more info HERE!

jamaica6. For the romantics – dig the hip and intimate all-inclusive Caves within Negril’s limestone cliffs. The namesake caves create intimate nooks where guests can make reservations to dine or escape to a private hot tub. There are just 12 cliffside rooms, romantic suites with louvered windows that look out at the sea. Reserve your lovely hideout today! Get more info HERE!

Music Producer VALNTINO Is Spinnin’ Around the World

The DJ music scene is taking over the globe, let alone in the great #GardenState!

#HipNJ’s Kendall Zoppa recently sat down & chatted with world renowned music producer, VALNTINO! Creatively producing music since he was a senior in high school, VALNTINO started off DJ-ing at his high school basketball games to get the players & crowd pumped up!

Now, having traveled the world from Miami to Italy & working with shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti and business magnate Richard Branson, VALNTINO goes into gigs without having a plan of what he’s going to play – he goes with the feeling. No playlists necessary for this talented DJ – just the notion of the crowd gets him inspired as the show is going on.

Working on a mixes with Fatman Scoop is just one of many honors he has while working in the music industry. VALNTINO takes music to the next level by incorporating rock, electronic, EDM and 90s hip-hop for a new sound.

Bridging different types of genres together certainly gives VALNTINO a unique sound. Start spinnin’ your way to Spotify or iTunes & listen to VALNTINO’s new hit song, “Love’s the Answer” featuring GTO.

For more information visit!

Live Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard.