#HipNJ: CCandy, MLB Chidren’s Clothing Line

#HipNJ’s very own Lisa Marie Latino went behind the scenes with the master mind of CCandy, Apline citizen Amber Sabathia, to get the inside scoop on the new MLB children’s clothing line!

Amber tells #HipNJ that each season CCandy is “getting better and better and cuter and cuter”! Her idea started three years ago but did not officially take off until a year ago. Last month actually marked CCandy’s 1st Birthday!

CC Sabathia, MLB pitcher for the New York Yankees, as well as proud husband of Amber, tells us he thinks this line is awesome! He says it was kind of a dream at first but now seeing kids out there modeling what his wife designed is really awesome.

If you are interested in the CCandy children’s line it can be found in every MLB team store across the country! CC and Amber’s son, Carter, says he loves the shirt he is modeling in this segment but of course the Yankees and his dad too! Awww

Amber says for any fellow mommy mobiles the key is to follow your dreams, keep going and do not give up. “Eventually your dream will happen”.

For more information on CCandy visit www.CCandy.com

#HipNJ: The Face of Bangz

#HipNJ’s Gina Cernielia hosted a great event this past winter at the Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa in Montclair. At The Face of Bangz event five finalists walked the runway and explained why their charity of choice deserved to win the grand prize through the “Bangz Better World Foundation”. An esteemed panel of judges chose the winner.

Amber Delany was one of the finalists who is a board member of the Children’s Cancer Society. She says she’s “all about giving back” which is why her charity should win.

Angelica Stiskin is an artist, performer, and choreographer who believes what is done at Bangz is an incredible thing and believes being hospitable as a staff is a must.

Reyna Ramos, an aspiring model and actress, thinks she should win because her “personality outshines many people”. She believes sometimes its not about beauty, it is how you treat people.

Kristina Olszewski works for Cerebral Palsy People of New Jersey. She says she should win because she’s very real. She does this kind of stuff every single day at work. She volunteers and helps her community on a day-to-day basis.

Last but not least Carrie Lane Pearlman, an advocate for The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, “believes she is a good role model for girls everywhere”.

Co-owner of Bangz, Dominick SanServero, says charity is the most important thing. The Bangz Better World Foundation gives back to every charity possible. To see the finalist interviews and find out who won, check out #HipNJ’s segment above!

#HipNJ: Inside Go Row Studios, Hoboken

#HipNJ’s Sam Selvaggio made a visit to Hoboken to check out Go Row Studios, a great fitness center locally owned by trainer Garrett Roberts.

Garrett tells #HipNJ that this fitness center is an indoor rowing studio that incorporates rowing and weight training. He instructs 55 minute classes with only about 9 people. He likes to make it feel like a group personal training class.

“It’s really intense” Garrett tells #HipNJ. You can burn well over 1,000 calories in just one class! Now that’s a workout! Many people think rowing is just an upper body workout, but Garrett tells us that its actually 60% lower body and 40% upper body. As a result of this great workout, one can experience increased heart rate very quickly resulting in high amounts of calorie burning. This rowing motion incorporates many different muscles you wouldn’t think of like your back, shoulders, legs, and even your core. What a great well rounded workout!

For more information on Go Row visit www.GoRowStudios.com and sign up today before classes fill up! See you all there!

Live Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard.