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The Hip List: Pamper Yourself

It may be the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end! This week we’re giving away awesome prizes to #PamperYourself and enjoy the last remaining weeks of #Summer2015 in style with #TheHipList!

1. Oyin Products
Oyin products are a must-have for any family! They have not been tested on animals, contain no mineral oils or parabens and they smell absolutely amazing! You can find them at #Target. We’re giving away the whipped shea body butter, after bath body oil, and honey wash cleanser to one lucky #HipNJ fan!

2. Masque Bar by Look Beauty
Masque Bar facial masks are luxurious and refreshing. These sheet masks are a must-have because they are #DIY, easy to use, and cost much less than any spa treatment with amazing results! You can find Look Beauty products at #Target or #CVS. We’re giving away the #Brightening sheet mask and the #Anti-blemish mud mask to one lucky #HipNJ fan!

3. CLEANSE by Lauren Napier
CLEANSE by Lauren Napier facial cleansing wipes remove stubborn makeup, pollution, and impurities from your skin. They are small enough to fit in a pocket or purse making them an absolute must-have for a night out! Lauren Napier has worked with awesome A-List clients and beauty enthusiasts everywhere have raved about her products. We’re giving away one box of 12 CLEANSE by Lauren Napier facial wipes to one lucky #HipNJ fan!

4. Waist Cinchers
Waist cinchers are all the rage right now for getting that perfect #hourglass shape. Celebrties from #KimKardashian to #JWoww have been spotted using them to keep their figure. We’re giving away one waist cincher from #Squeem and one from #Amia to two different #HipNJ fans!

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Meet #HipNJ’s Matchmaker

Why ask a fortuneteller who you will marry when a matchmaker can introduce you to the lucky guy or gal?

#HipNJ’s Kelly Dillon sits down with New Jersey Matchmaker Julianne Cantarella to learn just how she was matched with her profession.

Formerly a therapist with a masters in social work, Cantarella’s work was quite different than it is today. She worked with people with infectious disease, AIDS patients and the mentally ill as a psychiatrist. But that ship had sailed after the birth of her second son, when the compass of her skills then pointed to a new direction: matchmaking.

Cantarella is a matchmaker, dating coach, relationship expert and owner of a private matchmaking practice in North Jersey. Her transition to the field of love was a natural one!

“I really was working with people and their relationships since I started out,” Cantarella said. “Men come to me, they hire me and I go out and conduct a collective search on their behalf.”

The power is truly in the matchmaker’s hands! She selects exactly who these suitors get to meet with.

Cantarella said matchmaking is her passion. She loves helping people find someone who is the right one sought out just for them!

Cue the hearts, but hold Cupid’s arrow, the New Jersey Matchmaker has got this one covered!

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Is Your Lulu Game Strong?

Lulu, the #1 app for dating intelligence with over 6 million users across the United States and an additional million users worldwide, is looking to expand it’s network on the Jersey Shore.

Dating intelligence means that Lulu provides personalized feedback for men from the women in their lives. Men use Lulu reviews to better themselves and enhance their dating game. Women create Lulu reviews by answering a series of fun and playful multiple-choice questions and then assigning personality specific hashtags like, #OneOfTheGoodOnes or #ShouldComeWithAWarning.

All reviews created on Lulu are anonymous to help women feel more comfortable with sharing their honest feedback on a guy. Lulu scores men on 7 different categories including; ambition, humor, commitment, looks, style, kissing and sex.

Lulu is looking to increase their network of guys on the Jersey Shore by starting with one of #HipNJ‘s most up and coming cities, Asbury Park.

Lulu is going to host a competition from Wednesday, August 26th – Sunday, August 30th to see which guy in Asbury Park or the surrounding area (including Allenhurst, Interlaken, Loch Arbour, Ocean Township, Ocean Grove, Bradley Beach, Neptune, Tinton Falls or Eatontown) is the highest rated, most reviewed guy on Lulu. Guys that work in Asbury Park are eligible for the cash prize as well, regardless of where you live!

The call to action for the competition is for guys to get girls they know to review them so that they can receive the most reviews over the 5-day period.

At the end of the weekend the winner will win $500 cash from Lulu. The winner will be announced via social media on Monday, August 31 in the afternoon.

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