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#HipNJ at State Theatre NJ’s Debut of “Jersey Boys!”

The gliteratti was out in full-force on Friday night for State Theatre New Jersey‘s Garden State debut of Jersey Boys! The New Brunswick house was packed with excited theatre-goers craving to hear the sweet sounds of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, and they did not leave disappointed!

Here are some fan reaction clips:

Afterwards, #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino hosted our Facebook Live after-show party from The Heldrich, and spoke with members of the State Theatre NJ community as well as some of the cast members of the show! Watch here:

Jersey Boys kicks off a season of Broadway shows at State Theatre NJ. For a full list and to purchase tickets, visit STNJ.org.

Newark’s Christina Jackson on “Outsiders” and “Boardwalk Empire”

Newark resident and rising star Christina Jackson sat down with Steve Adubato on “One-on-One” to discuss her new television series on WGN, “Outsiders,” her role on the hit HBO series, “Boardwalk Empire,” and why she chooses call Brick City her home.

Jackson says there was not one particular moment when she knew she wanted to act. Still, she says that she “can’t remember wanting to do anything before acting came into my life.” Her parents supported her in pursuing anything she wanted to try, and acting was no exception.

While in the seventh grade at Rafael Hernandez in North Newark, a teacher named Ms. Bland changed everything. Jackson recalls standing in the school’s hallway and seeing the Ms. Bland approach her. The teacher looked at her and said, “Hey kid, do you want to join the drama club?”

Jackson joined the drama club and was cast as Frenchie in Grease. “I did not know any of my lines, I was terrible,” she recalls. “After that, I said I will never forget a line like that again.” A few months later, she was cast as Annie.

Jackson thanks Ms. Bland for helping her find her place. She couldn’t play basketball and was not interested karate, so joining the drama club enabled her to think that acting was a possibility for her.

Jackson currently lives in Newark, a fact that she is proud of. “There is a shift that is happening Newark.” She recalls seeing places that crimes once took place, where cafes and coffee shops now stand.  “There is change happening and I want that to include the residents who have been here.”

Check out Christina Jackson as Maybelle White on “Boardwalk Empire” on HBO, and be sure to watch “Outsiders” Tuesday nights, 9/8 Central on WGN.


Lights, camera, action! 

Looking to become the next big name in Hollywood?  Or do you think your child has what it takes to become the next Disney star?  With the help of Acting-A-Part Theater Company, your family’s dreams can become a reality!

HipNJ’s Chris La Forgia recently chatted with program founder and owner, Erika Lupo.  Erika says that her program can be summarized by her company’s slogan:  “Bridging the Gap From School Play to Broadway.”   From television to film, theater classes and more, Acting-A-Part provides all types of acting workshops that fits the student’s needs and desires.  Even if he or she doesn’t walk away a movie star, pupils develop self-confidence, discipline and teamwork skills, essential in succeeding on the “Great White Way” of life.

Acting-A-Part offers a variety of services, including summer camps and birthday parties.  Taking Acting-A-Part’s theater classes will show you or your child the ropes of what it takes to create a show-stopping production, while their film and TV workshops involve shooting on-location.  Students then get to enjoy seeing their work on the big screen, thanks to Acting-A-Part’s relationships with local movie theaters.

Conveniently locate in Ridgewood and Sparta, New Jersey, Erika is striving to make Acting-A-Part a household name around New Jersey and eventually, the country.

For more information, visit their website or call 973.879.3651.