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Working Mom

Andi Pasquin on Being a Working Mom

Andi Pasquin, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Consultant, stopped by the #HipNJ studio to chat with Maria Falzo about her work with Wells Fargo in Summit.

Pasquin has been in mortgage banking for 15 years. 9 of those years have been spent with Wells Fargo, servicing the whole state of New Jersey. She primarily helps NJ’s law enforcement community. “It’s very rewarding to help those that help us,” she states.

“There’s a lot of balance and struggle that goes along with trying to have a successful career and also be a successful parent,” the working mom says. “So, I try my hardest every day.”

Pasquin offers some advice for maximizing your time. She states that she has tried to identify pockets of time she calls “empty space.” “Rather than listening to the radio or making personal calls, I try to capture anything I can get done professionally in that time space,” she explains.

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Kirk Charles on Staying Healthy

Certified personal trainer Kirk Charles sat with Joanna Gagis on “A Life & Living Moment” to offer tips and tools to stay healthy.

“I believe we should all be eating predominantly plant food,” Charles says. The type of plant food best for you is determined by what part of the world you’re from.  “The best ratio for you,” Charles concludes, “would be 90-95% plant and maybe 5% meat products.”

Kirk Charles is a Master Trainer at the New York Sports Club. He is also the author of “Live in the Power Zone” and has written more than 50 nationally published articles. For more than ten years, he has given presentations on enhancing personal performance and business development.
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Christina Miglino’s The Millennial Spirit

Christina Miglino’s The Millennial Spirit

#HipNJ is excited to tell you all about The Millennial Spirit: How To Clarify Your Dream, Unleash Your Full Potential, And Make Money While Living Your Purpose, a free interview series hosted by Christina Miglino. Millennials, and/or new entrepreneurs, this one’s for you!

Many millennials are feeling stuck, unsure of how to live their purpose and whether or not they even have the ability to do so. If you are feeling this way, Miglino has good news. You can maximize your potential, break through limiting beliefs, and discover specific strategies for claiming an awesome life of freedom.

Over 21 major influencers are giving expert advice, so reserve your spot at no cost now! Learn how to claim you power, and bust through whatever it is blocking your forward progress.

You can listen in from anywhere as influencers come together to support you in living your most joyful, best life.

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