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“Hollywood East” Opens at Montclair State

Montclair University held a ribbon cutting ceremony on the 26th in celebration of their brand new, state of the art multimedia School of Communications and Media building. MSU alumni, University board members, state legislators, staff, and students alike all got to tour the impressive new building post-ceremony.

According to Montclair State University’s President, Susan A. Cole, ‘impressive’ could possibly be an understatement as it may be “the most technologically advanced media and production facility of any university in North America and…is, in fact, more advanced than many professional facilities.”

The facility will provide students a wealth of opportunity for education and growth within the industry they’ve chosen to study, and as special guest New Jersey State Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg expressed, there is hope for students to utilize the new facility as they “go out and change the world.”

The building was made possible through a strategic partnership between MSU and Sony Electronics’ Professional Solutions Americas. Some of the tools and resources include 4K and HD studios and control rooms, multimedia labs, and an advanced studio production center.

The building has been dubbed “Hollywood East” and it’s sure to make a great difference in the education of students at MSU!

Newark Educators on the Importance of Arts

Alison Scott-Williams, vice president of Arts Education at NJPAC, sat with Steve Adubato on “One-on-One” to discuss the importance of arts education for children in Newark.

“The arts are a way for one to express themselves and their thoughts,” Scott-Williams says. “We want to amplify students’ authentic voices.”

She goes on to state that students often do not have enough ways to express themselves. “We want every child to have the opportunity to be inspired,” she says.

To learn more about NJPAC, click here.

Eddie Franz on LifeCamp

Eddie Franz, director of LifeCamp, sat with Joanna Gagis on “A Life & Living Moment” to discuss the benefits of taking kids from Newark to farmland, where they learn life skills and brush up on their academics, art, and athletics.

When asked where they would be if they were not at LifeCamp, Franz states that most of the children say they would be indoors. The conditions of where they live prevent parents from allowing their kids to be active outside. LifeCamp not only enables these children to get outside, but also provides supplements to their schoolwork.

“Our program involves three different areas,” Franz states. These programs are academic, athletic, and artistic. “All of those things are interspersed to make sure the kids get a little bit of everything.”

To learn more about LifeCamp, check out their website.