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#HipNJ Celebrates National Teddy Bear Day

Today is National Teddy Bear Day! Build-A-Bear Workshop is offering a limited edition teddy bear for just $5.50 on this special day! So, #HipNJ has compiled a list of New Jersey Build-A-Bear locations.



Head over to the one closest to you and make something special!


Reesa Lewandowski on MommaLew.com

Reesa Lewandowski, founder of MommaLew.com, joined us in the #HipNJ studio to discuss her site.

About six years ago, Lewandowski was a new stay at home mom who was looking for something to occupy her time. So, she started her blog.

“Over the last couple years, I’ve transformed it more into a food and lifestyle blog, and focused more on the New Jersey area,” she says.  “I love highlighting local places to go with the family, and attractions or events.”

When it comes to food, her main goal is to make things easy and affordable for families. “Gourmet meals that aren’t over the top,” she says.

So, what’s next? Lewandowski says that she is trying to focus a little more on herself, and on moving forward with her photography.

Check out MommaLew.com here.

National Titanic Remembrance Day

National Titanic Remembrance Day

Each year we remember the RMS Titanic that sank in the Atlantic Ocean in April 1912 which was traveling from England to New York City. There were 2,228 passengers onboard the ship when the ship set sail on April 12, 1912. More than 1,500  lives were lost when the claimed “unsinkable ship” struck an iceberg around 11:40 PM on April 14, 1912. Lives were lost because there were simply not enough lifeboats to support all the passengers. 

Here is a 3rd class bedroom § these people were at the bottom of the ship (iydan)

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There are many stories from the 705 survivors and the most memorable of these stories was recreated into a movie which most of us know by the title, Titanic, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. 

😓A mans boot deep under the sea with the debris of the ship of dreams

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In 2009, the last remaining Titanic survivor passed away at the age of 97. Remember to acknowledge the lives that were lost on the Titanic 105 years ago. To learn more about the RMS Titanic, click here