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Mompreneurs Talk About Business Ownership With Maria Falzo for Mommy Monday

Maria Falzo talks with Mallika Malhotra in the #HipNJ studio about her new book The Brand Photography Playbook and some of the “Mompreneurs” she covers in its pages. Mallika helps business women distinguish their identity through images and bring their brands to life. The book outlines the process she utilizes to assist those struggling to find brand identity on this installment of #MommyMonday.

Jennifer Brosnick is a therapist, social worker and mom coach who works with mothers struggling with post-partum depression and anxiety. Jennifer uses a holistic approach to treating anxiety-associated symptoms of the women she handles. She finds many of her clients through the mid-wife practice she works with, guiding the mothers from the early stages of pregnancy and being there after the birthing process.

Betty Galvan of “My Friend Betty” is a digital marketing consultant and social media manager who works with small businesses in New Jersey – primarily those owned by women. Betty is skilled in developing digital marketing plans for business owners who either do not have the time or expertise to handle it themselves.

Maggie Zakhery is an independent consultant with “Beauty Counter”, a California based company, focused on educating users on the ingredients in their skincare products. Maggie is passionate about reducing exposure to the harsh chemicals present in most make-up and skin care routines that are a result of lax industry regulation.

Mallika and the “Mompreneurs” admirably manage to balance motherhood and business-ownership by being creative, allowing them the freedom to create their own schedules that accommodate both full-time responsibilities. 

You can check out Mallika Maholtra or any of the moms in this segment through their websites or by visiting their social media pages.

#HipNJ Celebrates National Teddy Bear Day

Today is National Teddy Bear Day! Build-A-Bear Workshop is offering a limited edition teddy bear for just $5.50 on this special day! So, #HipNJ has compiled a list of New Jersey Build-A-Bear locations.



Head over to the one closest to you and make something special!


Reesa Lewandowski on MommaLew.com

Reesa Lewandowski, founder of MommaLew.com, joined us in the #HipNJ studio to discuss her site.

About six years ago, Lewandowski was a new stay at home mom who was looking for something to occupy her time. So, she started her blog.

“Over the last couple years, I’ve transformed it more into a food and lifestyle blog, and focused more on the New Jersey area,” she says.  “I love highlighting local places to go with the family, and attractions or events.”

When it comes to food, her main goal is to make things easy and affordable for families. “Gourmet meals that aren’t over the top,” she says.

So, what’s next? Lewandowski says that she is trying to focus a little more on herself, and on moving forward with her photography.

Check out MommaLew.com here.