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Above Art Studios

Above Art Studios

Happy #MancrushMonday #HipNJ! Today we have not one, but two #mcm’s: Wilford Charles and Dontae Muse, owners of Above Art Studios in New Brunswick.

The studio has four resident artists, but rotates between the artwork of other artists. Some of the artwork is local, while others come from different states. Some pieces even come from other countries like Australia.

Above Art Studios’ focus on “art and all of the above” is clear: the studio features poetry, comedy, and music, as well as pop art and fine urban art. Once a month, the studio holds a poetry night. Every month and a half, a mini-concert series called “The Listening Room” takes place. Even more events to be found on their website, with electronic flyers posted for a “Painted Poetry Slam,” “Paint & Sip Thursdays” and a “Fall Student Exhibition”. By hosting these ongoing events, Wilford and Dontae are encouraging all aspects of art to be shared and appreciated. The studio is great for not only the art community, but for the general community it is a part of.

Dontae brought a work of art to #HipNJ’S studio that he commissioned for Mother’s Day. It is a gorgeous piece of Dontae and his mother by a resident artist.

To join Dontae and Wilford for a poetry, music, and art-filled night, visit aboveartstudios.com.

“New Jersey’s Bad Boy” Mike Marino Hits Paramount Theatre

Comedian Mike Marino stopped by Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park for two sold-out nights of laughs.

Marino got Up Close and Personal with the crowd, proving why he is called New Jersey’s Bad Boy. A fan commented on Facebook, “Loved your show at the Paramount Saturday! You were awesome. My husband and I had tears in our eyes!”

“I just want to do a shout out and welcome to the stage with me MC/DJ Adam J,” Marino stated in a post on his official Facebook page. Adam J hosted both sold-out shows.

Marino was born in Jersey City. He entered the entertainment industry at an early age and has appeared in over 200 national television commercials. Much success came from a web series titled “Marino 2016,” which chronicled his “run” for President of the United States.

If you want to see this hilarious Garden State native yourself, Marino has another NJ show at the Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven on August 7th. Get your tickets here.

“Bad Boy of NJ” Mike Marino on Making Fun of His Italian Roots

Comedian Mike Marino sat with Steve Adubato on “One-on-One” to discuss why he makes fun of his Italian roots.

“What is real is always going to be funny,” Marino says of incorporating his experiences growing up Italian in New Jersey. “All the classic stuff you grew up with makes it good for sitcoms and television.”

Marino states that his Jersey persona goes over tremendously all over the world. “People have an affection for people who have a little bit of an edge,” he says.

To learn more about Mike Marino, click here.