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BulbHead.com Inventors Day for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

BulbHead.com Inventors Day for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

A lucky bunch of Montclair State University students are about to embark on the thrill of their young careers!

On May 2, the University’s Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship will be hosting the BulbHead.com Inventors Day for Aspiring Entrepreneurs. This product pitch competition will award $80,000 to the winning student startup, and is the largest purse of any collegiate pitch contest in New Jersey.

#HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino (MSU Class of ’06) spoke with the man responsible for this exciting event, AJ Khubani (MSU Class of ’84) and founder of TeleBrands and BulbHead.com.

“I think all entrepreneurs that do really well want to give back, and this is the perfect place for me to do so,” explains Khubani. “I started my business while I was still a student at Montclair State University, and it’s fun to help the next generation of big ideas.” 

“Bulbhead.com Day” started five years ago. The first year saw four groups apply with the winning prize $10,000. This year, over fifty groups applied and 14 semifinalists will be participating in the annual pitch showcase

“It really has become a huge event. The room is packed with friends and family cheering on their loved ones, and I’m excited to see the event’s continued growth!” 

Another day, another winning idea from AJ Khubani! 

For more information, visit BulbHead.com

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Wellness By Roma

Wellness by Roma

#HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino met with the Garden State’s newest business owner on the block, Roma Bajaj Kohli of Wellness by Roma!

Roma, a certified yoga teacher and fusion food enthusiast, has developed a wellness journal that guides users (specifically, time-starved moms!) on achieving a holistic lifestyle that encompasses the best mind, body and soul practices.

“I understand that time is of the essence for a lot of people, so I want to help them adapt good habits that will allow them to enjoy a peaceful and energized life,” explained Roma.

Roma knows first-hand on how embracing yoga and organic recipes can help bring about positive changes to one’s life. “I was struggling with my husband working around the clock while I was home with our two children. Being a stay-at-home home, I felt lost. My background was in fashion, but I felt trapped and wondered where my life was going. When I dived full-force into this lifestyle, a part of me was healed.

What Roma couldn’t have predicted was that her new mindset help bring her family closer together. On weekends, the family practices yoga together in their family room and enjoys a healthy meal afterwards. Roma looks forward to these moments more than anything in the world.

For more on Roma, visit WellnessByRoma.com.

Author Matt Sweetwood’s Book Party in NYC

This week, #HipNJ is featuring Matt Sweetwood – author, entrepreneur, single-father and life coach – whose most recent project, a self-help book entitled Leader of the Pack, was recently celebrated at Till & Sprocket NYC with a stimulating discussion about marriage, divorce, parenthood, and leadership.

Matt’s expertise comes from his own struggles as a divorced father of five children. He escaped an abusive marriage at a time when males were rarely the primary caregivers – let alone capable of simple tasks like changing diapers. His wife walked out when his oldest child was a mere eight-years-old.

His journey from breadwinner to sole parent is inspirational for single fathers everywhere who find themselves facing the same stigmas that Matt grappled with for many years. In addition to parenting advice, Matt discusses his experiences in the business and the dating world. Matt believes that a successful and happy life has to exists outside of the principal role of parenting.

Currently, Matt runs a consultancy, MSweetwood LLC. Consulting, aimed at helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, bloggers and more. He shares his abilities with a broader audience through his life coaching and motivational speaking.

You can purchase a copy of Matt Sweetwood’s Leader of the Pack on Amazon or you can learn more about Matt’s services through his website.

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