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Gloria Foundation

A Taste of Italy with The Gloria Foundation

“1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.”

“Every 9 seconds a woman is beaten or abused.”

“35% of all emergency room calls are the result of domestic abuse.”

If you’ve never heard of The Gloria Foundation, a visit to their website reveals these lines beneath two simple and sobering words: “The Facts”

These are facts indeed, and Karen Arakelian founded The Gloria Foundation for the sole purpose of helping “provide resources to local safe houses and domestic violence organizations” in order to make a difference and help victims of domestic violence.

Karen Arakelian, founder of the Gloria Foundation

In an elegant show of support and solidarity, The Gloria Foundation hosted their 4th Annual Taste of Italy event on the 27th at Design Consign in Fairfield, NJ. The event had delicious catering, a live band, drinks, beautiful upscale furniture, and most importantly: all proceeds went directly to Partners for Women and Justice, who provide pro bono legal services for domestic violence victims.

Student volunteers at the event from Montville HS

Some of the beautiful furniture sold at Design Consign for the event

Caviar donated by Calvisius was given out in free samples with all sales going towards Partners for Women and Justice

Many gathered together dressed to nines in support of The Gloria Foundation and Partners for Women and Justice, making donations, mingling, and enjoying all that the evening and venue had to offer. It’s thanks to wonderful organizations like these aand strong women like Ms. Arakelian that we can look to the future in earnest for a society where victims of domestic violence can easily find the safety and support they deserve.

For more information, visit TheGloriaFoundation.org.

The Gloria Foundation: “Taste of Italy” Event

By Kenneth Barilari

#HipNJ spoke with Karen Arakelian, founder of The Gloria Foundation, about the foundation and its recent “Taste Of Italy” event.

The Gloria Foundation, founded in 2013, is a non-profit initiative helping victims of domestic violence. Their mission is to help provide resources to local safe houses and domestic violence organizations.

Arakelian told us that she founded the foundation in memory of her mother Gloria, who was a domestic violence victim. “I thought about what really formed me into who I am. Watching what she went through made me not ever want to depend on anyone,” she said.

Her mother went through a divorce in the 1970’s, a period during which divorce was highly stigmatized. Her mother had not worked and did not drive. After the divorce, she had to get her own job, learn to drive, and learn to be self-sufficient. This inspired Arakelian, and caused her to realize that she wanted to start something to give back.

The 3rd annual “Taste of Italy” event was held on September 28, 2016 at Design Consign in Fairfield. It was an evening of tasting delicious Italian specialties from the area’s finest restaurants, sampling wine from the beautiful countryside of Italy, and listening to live music under the stars. The event featured caviar by Calvisius Caviar and vodka by Claremont Distillery.

What inspired the event? “First of all, I’m Italian,” Arakelian jokes. “I love to entertain.”  This event was not just for fun. It also supported a great cause. Proceeds went to Partners for Women and Justice, a non-profit organization that provides free legal help in New Jersey to low income, abused victims of domestic violence.

They managed to raise around $15,000. About 100 people were in attendance, not including volunteers. “It’s a beautiful thing when the whole community chips in. It really is a team effort,” Arakelian said.

Every seven minutes, someone reports a domestic violence issue in New Jersey. For more information, head over to The Gloria Foundation’s website.


Full Recovery Wellness Center

Brian McAlister and the New Full Recovery Wellness Center

#HipNewJersey’s own Lisa Marie Latino sat down with Brian McAlister, Founder and CEO of Full Recovery Wellness Center to discuss the Center’s recent move to a bigger office in Fairfield and their upcoming soft opening.

Why the expansion? “We are going to be better able to serve our clients in our new facility,” Brian stated. He went on to say that the expansion would be in everybody’s best interest.

Brian is striving to take care of the opiate epidemic, which has been a very big problem in the Garden State for today’s youth. “Anybody can get hooked on this stuff,” he said. “It effects every social and economic group in the state.” He is determined to make a change.

“At the Full Recovery Wellness Center, we have the opportunity to turn this around.” In the United Sates, 80% of the people who leave a 28 day program are using within the first two weeks. At Full Recovery Wellness Center, the statistics are almost opposite. 80% of the people who leave their program are still sober a year later.

“There is help. You can get sober,” Brian Stated. “I am living proof. I’ve been sober since 1990.”

On June 21st, the Center will be having a soft opening of the new Full Recovery Wellness Center with friends and family of people that are battling addiction. Brian will be speaking at the event, which he says will be an “education and informational seminar.”

According to Brian, this is a program of action that anybody can take to improve their life, “gaining more self-knowledge and a better plan of action for your own recovery.

Check out Brian’s best selling book, Full Recovery: The Recovering Person’s Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Power, and head over to the Wellness Center’s website to learn more.