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Blink Fitness Announces New Jersey Expansion

#HipNJ spoke with Todd Magazine, president of Blink Fitness, about the fitness brand’s three new lease signings throughout Northern and Central New Jersey.

The new corporate-owned locations include Perth Amboy, East Orange, and Newark. This follows eight locations already open in New Jersey, and over 50 locations open throughout New York and Philadelphia.

Magazine feels that New Jersey is the perfect state for expansion. “New Jersey represents a great opportunity because there is a tremendous under-served need for value fitness,” he states. “People are very fitness oriented, and at the same time, are looking for a great value.”

Blink Fitness may be the perfect solution. “You get what you pay for is what most people have experienced,” Magazine says of other gyms.  “We’ve changed that paradigm by bringing a more premium experience at a great value.”

Blink is not all about physical appearance. “At Blink, we believe that fitness is much more about how it makes you feel than how it makes you look,” Magazine states. “We put mood above muscle.” This makes the brand stand out, as competitors often put the majority of focus on attaining the flattest stomach or the biggest arms. “Fitness has always been a big part of my life,” Magazine says, noting his gratitude for being able to use a personal passion to help change the lives of others for the better.

Blink Fitness will continue to grow, ending this year with close to 70 locations. Their goal is to hit about 300 open locations within the next five years. “We are well on our way,” Magazine says, “and New Jersey represents a huge part of that.”

To learn more about Blink Fitness, click here.

alessa caridi

Alessa Caridi Works Out With Us

Today is a very special #WomanCrushWednesday #HipNJ! We’re celebrating #WorkoutWednesday with our woman crush Alessa Caridi!

Alessa Caridi is the founder and owner of JōbuFit, a company that brings fitness to the workplace in a practical way. Alessa was inspired by her time spent in Japan, where “stretching, strengthening, and awakening” are a part of their every day routine. Alessa joined us in the studio to teach #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino workouts that can be applied at work, any time of the day.

Lisa and Alessa demonstrated a few leg workouts that are performed sitting down. The exercises they performed, though simple, work on the quads and abs. Some of the workouts are only eight minutes long, so they can easily become a part of our daily lives.

JōbuFit’s exercises are perfect for those who work office jobs. In fact, doing simple workouts in the office can increase workplace productivity. The workouts that JōbuFit teach are helpful for those who find they don’t have time to go to the gym because they are busy at work.

Because of their simplicity and convenience, JōbuFit’s workouts allow for people to invest in their health in the long-run, while still being able to get their work done.

For more information, visit JōbuFit.com!

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Nykki Ross on Fitness, Nutrition and Bodybuilding

Nykki Ross of Body By Nykki sat with Lisa Marie Latino in the #HipNJ studio to discuss all things fitness and nutrition.

Nykki’s father, Master Phil Ross, is not only the area’s most decorated and accomplished martial artist and fitness instructor, but also a great friend to #HipNJ. So, it was only natural that Nykki stop by and discuss her accomplishments.

“I’ve always been involved in fitness,” Ross says. She did her first show in November of 2015, and has been doing them ever since.

“It takes a lot,” she says, when asked what it takes to get her body into competition shape. “I was lifting five to six days a week, doing cardio four to five days a week,” she explains.

Ross says that she has met so many wonderful women through this sport, whether it be in person or on social media. “We have this network of strong, awesome women.”

Ross runs her own business, Body By Nykki. She provides online and in-person coaching, as well as meal plans and online workout plans.

To learn more, click here. Or, check out Body By Nykki on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.