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New Year’s Eve Fashion Guide

You may be starting to panic if you haven’t found that perfect outfit to wear when ringing in the new year. #HipNJ is here to help. Here are some fashion tips for New Year’s Eve!

Sequins are hot right now. Find yourself a sequin top, skirt, or dress and get ready to turn heads.

Chokers can complete any look, especially when paired with a faux fur jacket.

For New Year’s Eve, it’s all about gold. Whether it is your dress or your shoes, make sure something you’re rocking features the gorgeous color. As far as for the rest of the year, we think that violet will be hot.

Regardless of what you decide to wear, confidence is key.

Now, time to address those of you who are brave enough to be in Times Square for one of the coldest NYE’s on record.

Forget fashion! Your number one priority is not freezing to death. 

Put on your favorite scarf, hat and gloves, and anything else that will add warmth. Hold onto your hand warmers as tight as you can and have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!


101 Fantasy Sports Facts

Fantasy sports is a business that has grown into a billion-dollar industry. One of the reasons for this is the fact that fans feel like they have a real stake in the performance of their players and teams. 

Sports lovers like to see themselves as strategists, as they create a fantasy football, basketball, baseball, or hockey team. They can trade players, adjust their team, and execute their best course of action.

Fantasy players pay an entry fee ranging from $50-$100, leading to an average of $465 per player, annually. With their money on the line, players have an even bigger desire to win, which extends beyond watching an actual gameplay. This also adds to the huge money prizes that reach up to $2 billion.

blizzard 2016

Blizzard 2016 Survival Guide

Gone are the 70 degree winter anomalies!  Mother Nature got back on track this weekend by delivering a monster blizzard, leaving all of #HipNJ stuck inside.

Here are some ways to combat cabin fever while Winter Storm Jonas plays out:

Bubble Bath Fun
How’s this for a snow day scene: imagine pouring yourself a glass of rich red wine…lighting some heaven-scented candles…playing some soft, soothing tunes…and soaking in a luxurious, home-made bubble bath! Divine Caroline has some chemical-free concoctions that will help heighten the mood.

Get Some Use Out of Those Eggs, Bread and Milk
Yummly has plenty of recipes that put a mouth-watering twist on traditional French toast.  Try your hand at  French Toast Cinnamon Rolls  or experiment with a French Toast Angel Food Cake.

Don’t Abandon Those Fitness Goals!
Just because you can’t get to the gym today doesn’t mean you have to cancel your workout completely! Keep your new years resolutions in check by doing these simple in-home workouts Kyle Richards lives by.

Game Night
While there is a certain nostalgia to gathering by the fireside with family, a board game and a cup of hot chocolate, times they are a changin’!  Tom’s Guide has a rundown of the best iOS Family and Group games you can try during #Blizzard2016!

Unleash Your Little Kid
New Jersey is chock full of sledding and tubing slopes that are in walking distance to most communities. Check out New Jersey Leisure Guide‘s full list of hills!

Plan a Trip
WS Jonas is a harsh reminder that Jersey Shore summer fun is a long time away. Bridge the gap by booking a trip to one of these budget-friendly beach destinations!

Cuddle Up With a Good Read
The Garden State is a mecca of culture, so it’s no surprise that we are home to many literary geniuses. Grab your Kindle and download one of these New Jersey 350– suggested native scribes.

Netflix and Chill
Blizzards are a binge watcher’s dream! Take advantage of your guilt-free pass to Lazyville by getting caught up on the hottest Netflix specials, including Making a Murderer and Jessica Jones.

Catch Up on #HipNJ!
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