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The Breakfast of NJ Champions

It’s an Olympic year and it’s inevitable to wonder how the world’s top athletes maintain their health and physique. Seriously, the bodies of some athletes are insane. It’s safe to say that breakfast has to do with it – it is the most important meal of the day, right?

But what is it that these athletes consume each morning that allows them to succeed in their careers?

Take Michael Phelps, perhaps the greatest Olympian ever, for example. After his record-breaking performances in the 2008 Olympics, he revealed that of his 12,000 calorie-a- day diet, breakfast makes up 4,000 of those calories. This appears inhumane, but it’s obviously paid off for him.

Though their diets (and appetites) may not be as plentiful, here is what some of #NJ’s Olympic athletes have for breakfast each morning when preparing to represent the United States (and the #GardenState) at the games over in Rio de Janeiro.

Monica Aksamit, Matawan – Fencing

Who would think that a 26-year-old Fencer likes to indulge in tiramisu the first thing in the morning? Whether or not this is a normal occurrence is unknown, but hey, who said dessert for breakfast was bad?  


It’s actually on the rise and isn’t too complicated to prepare.

Laurie Hernandez, Old Bridge – Gymnastics

The 16-year-old first year senior gymnast achieved overnight superstardom when she was named to the women’s team for gymnastics. She starts her day off with oatmeal and some sort of fruit and then eats half a cereal bar in the middle of her morning training to hold her in for a few more hours.



Carli Lloyd, Delran – Soccer

The 34-year-old Soccer superstar is very specific about her diet and takes it seriously. For breakfast, she typically has three egg whites with half of an avocado, Greek yogurt, low-sugar granola and a fruit that is in season, the best time to consume fruit. Find out what’s currently in season here.


national yoga day

#HipNJ Celebrates National Yoga Day!

June 21st marks National Yoga Day! Here are some calming and simple yoga moves that can be done right from the office, as perfected by Robin Rose, a northern New Jersey-based (RYT 200) yoga teacher.

1. Cat and Cow
cat(catandcow)cow(catandcow)Start by placing your hands on your knees, and extend your spine. Open your chest and pull your shoulder blades back. Breathe in and look up. As you exhale, pull your belly button up and then roll your shoulders forward and exhale.








2. Seated Twist
seatedtwistPlace your left hand on your right knee, sweeping your right arm around to the back of your chair. Allow your gaze to follow your right arm, looking over your right shoulder. Make sure to keep both sitting-bones firmly on the chair. Repeat on the other side.

3. Seated Side Strech
sidestretchFor this simple pose, reach your arms above your ears. Inhale. As you exhale, lean to the right. On your inhale, come back to center. On your next exhale, lean to the left.



4. Eagle Pose
EagleBegin in mountain pose, standing firmly on the ground. Wrap your right arm under your left arm and touch the palms of your hands together. Lift the right leg over the left leg and hook your right foot behind the left ankle. This is a balancing pose. Repeat on the other side.

5. Standing Back Bend
standingbackbendBegin in mountain pose. Place your palms on your lower back for support. Press into the feet, pull up the knee caps, and squeeze the thighs and buttocks. Press the hips forward and begin to arch the torso backwards. Keep the head looking forward, or if it feels safe let it drop all the way back. Use the arms to support your weight and keep the legs and buttocks engaged and strong.



Jumpstart 2016!

#Hippers, get your mind, body and style correct in 2016,  thanks to a trio of #hip local entrepreneurs!

Elaine Yu of Simply Chic Styling is thrilled to announce Jumpstart 2016, a 28-day mind, body and style transformation program. The program, which launches January 18, consists of four weekly personal training sessions with Personal Trainer Allison Kalsched; four weekly nutrition coaching sessions with Holistic Health Coach Claudia Petrilli; and, one two and one half hour closet styling session with personal stylist Elaine. In addition, each participant receives weekly fitness, nutrition and styling tips via email and support, motivation and community in a private Facebook group.

The inspiration for Jumpstart 2016 came from “my love of style and fitness,” states Summit based-Elaine. “As an active person, I thought it would be great to find a way to combine my two passions. This program will give women the motivation they need to start 2016 healthy, and after 28 days, they will feel healthy, fit and energized and ready to jumpstart their style!”

Upon registration, each participant will schedule four weekly 45-minute training sessions with Allison. The training sessions will take place at the Millburn-Short Hills Athletic Club, a private training facility conveniently located across from the Millburn train station. These sessions will be tailored to each participant’s fitness level, abilities and goals.

Maplewood-based Allison states, “Teaming up with my friend Elaine for this project is exciting. This program treats each participant as an individual, and is not one size fits all. Fitness is more than just strength of body, and I believe that this is the perfect program to show others how taking care of mind, body and spirit can lead to feeling strong and happy.”

Health Coach Claudia Petrilli, a resident of Clark, will provide four weekly 30-minute Skype or phone sessions with each participant. Participants will receive private, individual nutrition coaching to guide them in making their best individual food choices. In addition, she will provide a suggested weekly meal plan with easy-to-make recipes, and a stress-free grocery list. Claudia embraced this program because, as she states, “With all the dieting options available to women, it can be overwhelming and confusing. I am happy to work on a program that is aligned with my beliefs: eating real food and making sustainable changes. Once you learn the simple diet and lifestyle changes, you’ll be able to continue them past the 28-day program.”

When the 28 day program is completed on February 17, participants will schedule a two and one half hour session with Elaine, where she will provide an in-home private closet styling session. During this time she will learn about the individual participant’s style needs, discuss what shapes look great on her, then analyze their wardrobe and accessories. Outdated and ill-fitting pieces will be removed and donated to Goodwill. Luxury items that are no longer being worn will be dropped off for consignment. After 28 days of clean eating and working out, each participant will feel energized and ready to tackle their personal style!

Jumpstart 2016 launches on January 18. To register or for more information, the public can contact Elaine Yu at 917.912.5376 or elaine@simplychicstyling.com. The cost for the entire program is $990.