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#HipNJ at State Theatre NJ’s Debut of “Jersey Boys!”

The gliteratti was out in full-force on Friday night for State Theatre New Jersey‘s Garden State debut of Jersey Boys! The New Brunswick house was packed with excited theatre-goers craving to hear the sweet sounds of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, and they did not leave disappointed!

Here are some fan reaction clips:

Afterwards, #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino hosted our Facebook Live after-show party from The Heldrich, and spoke with members of the State Theatre NJ community as well as some of the cast members of the show! Watch here:

Jersey Boys kicks off a season of Broadway shows at State Theatre NJ. For a full list and to purchase tickets, visit STNJ.org.

Friday The 13th in Blairstown

Friday the 13th is typically known as a day of dread. However, in Blairstown, it is practically a holiday.

Fans still visit the New Jersey township, where portions of the original 1980 horror film “Friday the 13th” were filmed.

The Blairstown Diner was one of the spots used in the film. The diner sees a rise in business when the date comes around, particularly among visitors driving out to see the movie at nearby Roy’s Hall.

Every year on this day, a man dressed as the infamous Jason Voorhees wanders the streets, taking pictures with fans and scaring unsuspecting residents.

Buck Hill Brewery and Restaurant will be hosting a Friday the 13th themed night tonight, and you can check out the details below.

To take part in some Friday the 13th fun, head over to Blairstown tonight.

Cara’s Cucina: Mac & Cheese

Today on Cara’s CucinaCara Di Falco teaches us how to make Mac & Cheese!

“It’s such a simple dish, it’s a childhood favorite and a classic,” Di Falco states in her accompanying blog. “There is no reason for it to come from a box.” Check out the ingredients for the dish, which serves 6-8, below.

Mac & Cheese
1 lb. elbow pasta
4 tbs. butter
1/4 c. flour
1 c. milk (whatever milk you keep in your home)
2 c. shredded cheese (sharp yellow cheddar works best but you can use whatever you like)
salt & pepper

 Watch the video above to learn how to make your own, and click here to see the official Cara’s Cucina recipe!

If you make this at home, be sure to post it on Instagram along with the hashtag, #CarasCucina.

Buon Appetito!