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Dr. Patricia Pamy

Dr. Patricia Pamy Explains Why Union County’s Hospital Needs Your Help

Throughout the month of November, #HipNJ is helping Union County’s number one hospital raise funds for a state-of-the-art emergency care facility!

In cooperation with the Trinitas Health Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides vital financial support for Elizabeth’s Trinitas Regional Medical Center, HipNewJersey.com will help launch a #GivingTuesday awareness and fundraising campaign through social media and grassroots efforts to support the new Trinitas Emergency Department.

Dr. Patricia Pamy of the Emergency Medicine Department, explains why this special place needs your help. Donate to the cause now; every dollar helps!

Dr. Paul Dell’Aquilla on Platelet Rich Blood for Cosmetic Enhancement

Dr. Paul Dell’Aquilla of Spatologie sat with Joanna Gagis on “A Life & Living Moment” to discuss how a patient’s own platelet rich blood can be used for cosmetic enhancement.

Dell’Aquilla says that first, blood is drawn. Then, a special centrifuge is used to spin it. The top layer, which is basically all your platelets and all the growth factors that your body makes naturally, is taken off.

“Then, we inject it in various portions,” Dell’Aquilla says. “Whether it be the face for facial rejuvenation, or the hair for hair rejuvenation.” A patient’s own blood is taken out, separated, and injected back into the patient.

Dell’Aquilla describes a process known as Vampire Facelift, which fights aging by adding volume to the face by injecting the platelet rich plasma. “This will stimulate growth factors to be formed, and rejuvenation will occur through an increase of blood vessel formation, and also collagen and tissue formation.”

To learn more, head over to Spatologie’s website.

National Fast Food Day

Happy National Fast Food Day

On National Fast Food Day, Hip New Jersey is recognizing the best fast food restaurants throughout New Jersey. Happy National Fast Food Day and grab some greasy food!

Smoke N Grill in Hamilton

short rib grilled cheese #njeats #shortribgrilledcheesesandwich #thesmokengrill

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Tower Dogs in Lawrenceville

Munchies in Newark

Bareburger in Montclair, Edgewater and Hoboken

Stuff Yer Face in New Brunswick

Happy National Fast Food Day!