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alessa caridi

Alessa Caridi Works Out With Us

Today is a very special #WomanCrushWednesday #HipNJ! We’re celebrating #WorkoutWednesday with our woman crush Alessa Caridi!

Alessa Caridi is the founder and owner of JōbuFit, a company that brings fitness to the workplace in a practical way. Alessa was inspired by her time spent in Japan, where “stretching, strengthening, and awakening” are a part of their every day routine. Alessa joined us in the studio to teach #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino workouts that can be applied at work, any time of the day.

Lisa and Alessa demonstrated a few leg workouts that are performed sitting down. The exercises they performed, though simple, work on the quads and abs. Some of the workouts are only eight minutes long, so they can easily become a part of our daily lives.

JōbuFit’s exercises are perfect for those who work office jobs. In fact, doing simple workouts in the office can increase workplace productivity. The workouts that JōbuFit teach are helpful for those who find they don’t have time to go to the gym because they are busy at work.

Because of their simplicity and convenience, JōbuFit’s workouts allow for people to invest in their health in the long-run, while still being able to get their work done.

For more information, visit JōbuFit.com!

New Jersey March Madness Teams

It’s March Madness time again, and #HipNJ is getting you zoned in on the action!

The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) tournament allows the 68 best men’s Division 1 college basketball teams to contend for a National Championship, and two of those representatives hail from the Garden State! Here’s the 4-1-1 on everything you need to know about Seton Hall University and Princeton University.

Seton Hall University

Seton Hall Pirates

Seton Hall Pirates

This year marks the 11th NCAA tournament appearance for the Seton Hall Pirates.

Last year the Pirates were upset in the first round by the Gonzaga Bulldogs. This year, the ninth seeded Pirates are looking to make an upset of their own against the number eight seeded Arkansas Razorbacks. The Pirates were three points short of upsetting the number one overall seeded Villanova Wildcats in the Big East Conference finals.

The Pirates are led by their 6-10, 240 pound forward Angel Delgado. This is Delgado’s third season with the Pirates. Delgado currently is the nation’s best rebounder, averaging 13.1 rebounds per game.

Seton Hall’s best tournament run was in 1989, where they made it all the way to the national championship game. Their overall tournament record is 15 wins and 10 losses.

Princeton University

Princeton Tigers

Princeton Tigers

The Princeton Tigers are no stranger to the NCAA tournament, with this year marking their 25th appearance in the tournament.

This is the Tigers’ first appearance in March Madness since 2011. This year’s Tigers went undefeated within the Ivy League Conference, posting a 14-0 record against conference opponents. The Tigers finished the regular season with 23-6 overall record, making them a 12th seed in this year’s tournament. The Tigers will be looking to upset the fifth seeded Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The Tigers are currently on a 19 game win streak, including a conference championship. The Tigers have been one of the superior defensive teams all season; they are currently ranked 10th in fewest points allowed per game. The Tigers will have a tough matchup against the more experienced Fighting Irish, but have a good opportunity to cause an upset.

Princeton was able to make it to the Final Four in 1965. Their overall tournament record is 13 wins and 28 losses.

Here’s hoping for a Garden State championship! Follow our bracket and make one of your own  here.  

New Jersey Blizzard is Coming Our Way

By: Lisa Cardoso

Are you prepared for the snow? New Jersey will be in a winter storm warning starting Monday 8pm until Tuesday 6pm. This nor’easter is expected to hit most of New Jersey and fill some areas with an expected 18 inches Monday night into Tuesday night.

What will we do? Hip New Jersey has come up with a few ideas on how to spend your snow day!

Let’s talk about all the cozy ways to spend your snow day. A great way to start is to stay in bed! Get in your warm pajamas and fuzzy bathrobe, flip on the TV and relax! (You’re stuck home anyway!) Catch up on your favorite TV shows, catch up on some sleep, or read that book you’ve been trying to finish for a few months now. We recommend reading Ten Years Later by Lisa Marie Latino!

Lol for real though! #sleeep #todayiscancled

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Other, less relaxing ways, to use mother nature’s gift is to do some work! The majority of us have at one time or another dropped the ball with work. Take your day off to pick the ball back up and get on track. You could do overdue laundry, a little home organization, or paperwork. 

Make yourself a pot of your favorite hot beverages! A great way to stay warm from the outside blizzard is to fill your insides with a toasty treat. We recommend hot chocolate for this time! There are countless ways to make your own hot chocolate. Here is a recipe. 

Schools will most likely be closing on Tuesday, what will you and your kids do? A way to prepare is to wipe the dust off your board games! Weeks can be hectic with school activities and work obligations. Making the time for family can be difficult. Take this snowday as a gift from father time and spend it with the ones you love!

If you don’t already have a basement filled with board games here are some places that sell them: Toys “R” Us, Target, Walmart and Barnes & Noble. They have lovely sections of board games for all ages! Other alternative ways to spend time with family is to bake together. Baking a fun treat for you and your kids is a sweet bonding experience. Here are some ideas!  A  few ways to build a snowman indoors, with graham crackers  and with bread!


When was the last time you played in the snow? I know we shovel snow, clean snow off our cars and complain about it, but when was the last time you hopped on a tube and soared through the winter air? Take your kids to a local park and go tubing.

We are all about having fun, but staying safe is a huge priority. There are some precautions to take when any heavy storm comes to NJ. Make sure you have food to eat! Traveling and delivery may be a no-go in our 18 inches of snow. Make sure you have extra batteries, flashlights, and candles. The blizzard that is coming will be blowing strong winds that could knock out any of our electricity. If possible, getting a generator is always a great backup in times where heat may be taken away from us!