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Amy Andersen on the Importance of Sign Language

Amy Andersen, 2017-18 New Jersey State Teacher of the Year, sat with Steve Adubato on “One-on-One” to discuss the importance of sign language.

Adubato went on-location to the 2017 NJEA Convention in Atlantic City to chat with Andersen. “We have a deaf community that is really spread out all over the country,” Andersen says of the importance of learning American Sign Language.

Andersen also tells Adubato that Ocean City has become known as a “deaf-friendly town,” with students learning to sign. This creates a feeling of comfort, which strengthens the entire community.

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George Oliphant Shares Inspiration to Help Families

George Oliphant, host of NBC‘s “George to the Rescue,” sat with Joanna Gagis on “A Life & Living Moment” to discuss improving the lives of families in need through home renovations.

“I like to say that it’s a human interest show with a home improvement angle,” Oliphant says of “George to the Rescue.” On the show, he is paired up with contractors and designers to rescue the homes of deserving people.

“A lot of times, we like to help people who help others,” he states. “We just want to do something for them that they aren’t able to do for themselves.”

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Dax-Devlon Ross on After-School All-Stars

Dax-Devlon Ross, Regional Executive Director of the After-School All-Stars’ Northeast chapters, sat with Joanna Gagis on “A Life & Living Moment” to discuss the inspirational program.

After-School All-Stars provides a wide range of services including academic support, sports, health education, and the opportunity for youngsters to meet mentors.

“It’s a way to connect young people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to explore their passions and trigger some thoughts about the future,” Ross states.

With over 70,000 youth served, ASAS is doing just that. Click here to learn more.