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Sydney Davis on Body Image

Sydney Davis, Executive Director of Girls on The Run New Jersey East, sat down with Steve Adubato on “One-on-One” to explain that young girls are already aware of body image.

“We live in a culture that is very fixated on body image,” Davis states. She says that girls as young as five are starting to notice how they look compared to the girls they see on TV and in advertisements, causing them to “want to measure up in some way.”

Girls on The Run, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams, taps into who the girls are. It gives them the sense that they can do something that makes them feel strong and makes them feel good about themselves through athletics. “When they tap into that, it is a larger context for how they can tap into life and see themselves in the world,” Davis states.

To learn more about Girls on The Run New Jersey East, head over to their website.

Making The Hip New Jersey Studio – The Final Episode

#HipNJ has launched our own mini reality series, Making the Hip New Jersey Studio! The series details our quest to craft the perfect studio setting and getting it to the place where we truly believe that it can be.

We hired New Jersey-based graffiti artist Shawn Mack, who is ready to show us the final product!

“Ahead of schedule and below budget is always a plus,” #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino states. Shawn delivered on both ends of the spectrum.

Shawn steps out of the studio and asks, “Do you want to check it out?” The moment we have been waiting for has arrived.

“It all fit well, and it was Hip New Jersey,” Shawn says. Lisa thanks Shawn and tells him that it is “gorgeous.”

Now, time to decorate. We filled the studio with stylish goodies to make the room complete. “My wildest studio dreams have come true,” Lisa states as the series comes to a close.

Mack runs CreativSite, specializing in creativity and custom design work for interior/exterior, canvas and more. To learn more, check out their website, “like” them on Facebook, and “follow” them on Instagram.

Thank you for watching, and be sure to subscribe to our official YouTube page to keep up with all things #HipNewJersey.

Eric Trump On a Mission to End Pediatric Cancer

Eric Trump, founder of the  The Eric Trump Foundation, sat down with Joanna Gagis on “Life & Living” to discuss his mission to help kids with cancer by supporting the St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

The Eric Trump Foundation is dedicated to raising money for children battling life-threatening diseases at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “St. Jude’s is the best research hospital in the world for pediatric cancer,” Trump states.

Why pediatric cancer? “Kids are a universal. Everybody likes kids.” Trump describes how pediatric cancer puts young, innocent lives at risk, and that is not fair. “First and foremost, you have to help the kids.”

Click here to learn more about The Eric Trump Foundation.