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Felicia Temple on The Voice

Felicia Temple, singer, songwriter, musician and nurse at Holy Name Medical Center, met with Joanna Gagis on “A Life & Living Moment” to discuss her experience on NBC’s “The Voice.”

“The show really teaches you to think outside the box,” Temple says. “They give you song choices that you may not have thought of for yourself, pushing you outside of your comfort zone.”

Check out Temple’s Blind Audition above, and click here to learn more.

Orange is the New Black Actress Shares Her Character Transformation

Actress and singer Francesca Curran met with Joanna Gagis on “A Life & Living Moment” to discuss the physical and mental transformations she went through to play a Neo-Nazi character in Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black.

“I usually like to do a physical and a vocal warmup before I go in,” Curran says. “Helen is such a deep character, and I have to go to those dark places.”

The actress had to do quite a bit of research in preparation for this character. “Research really helped me to learn about the character and about this culture that I had no idea about,” she explains. “It just goes to show that I grew up in a bubble.”

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Lauren Simonetti’s Business Brain

FOX Business news anchor Lauren Simonetti sat with Joanna Gagis on “Life & Living” to discuss Americans being willing to go into debt for a simple vacation.

“Most people save for their home and for retirement,” Simonetti says. “Right now, people are saving more for vacation.” She recalls a study stating that people will go into $1,100 of debt just to take a simple vacation.

“It takes you six months to recover from all the bills you accumulate while being on vacation,” she says.

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