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Charles Way

#HipNJ Celebrates 20 Years of Komen North Jersey: Charles Way

Charles Way, former New York Giant, discusses his experience with the NFL and dealing with breast cancer.

“The NFL tries to bring awareness to breast cancer,” Way says. He and his wife were looking to get involved in an organization that showed support to those going through such tough times.

“I decided to become a pink tie guy,” he says. He wanted to raise awareness and show support and encouragement.

For more information, visit KomenNorthJersey.org.

joyce adams

#HipNJ Celebrates 20 Years of Komen North Jersey: Joyce Adams

Joyce Adams, Grantee, Hoboken Family Planning, discusses her experience working with Komen North Jersey.

“Komen has been really good,” Adams says. “I am proud to work with Komen on outreach and education.”

They have been partners for about seven years, and the partnership has helped people in need greatly.

For more information, visit KomenNorthJersey.org.

Ana Harper

#HipNJ Celebrates 20 Years of Komen North Jersey: Ana Harper

Ana Harper, Forever Fighter and Susan G. Komen North Jersey supporter, discusses her battle with breast cancer.

The first time Harper was diagnosed, she was pregnant with her son. “Okay, well let’s do what we gotta do,” she responded.

Now, her cancer has metastasized, but that hasn’t let her fighting spirit down.

“The reason I cry is because I always think about how sad everybody else is around me, because of me,” she says. “Hopefully, everybody gets together and we’ll find a cure.”

For more information, visit KomenNorthJersey.org.