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Cara Di Falco’s Favorite Spring Recipes

Cara Di Falco of Cara’s Cucina joined Lisa Marie Latino in the #HipNJ studio to talk all things Spring food!

Di Falco states that brunch becomes very popular this time of year. “With the weather getting nicer, people want to have that kind of social gathering,” she says. So, she gives us some delicious recipes for you to make at your next brunch party.

The first recipe is for Irish Soda Bread. “I have been told by viewers of Cara’s Cucina that this is the best Irish Soda Bread recipe they have ever had.” Check out the recipe here.

“The next thing that I always recommend for brunch is a Frittata.” Complete with arugula, fresh tomatoes and onion, this dish is super healthy and super delicious. Check out the recipe here.

The final recipe Di Falco brought along is a Shrimp Salad. This recipe incorporates delicious Italian flavors without the breading and pasta, keeping it fresh and light. Check out the recipe here.


Since Easter is right round the corner, Cara Di Falco is here to provide us with a recipe for Grammy’s Pizza Gain. Check out the video and recipe below and get ready to impress your family and friends!

Grammy’s Pizza Gain
Makes 2 pies

pie crusts
1 1/2 lbs prosciuttini (peppered ham, ask the deli to slice it 1/4 inch thick)
pepperoni (ask the deli to slice it 1/4 inch thick)
3/4 sweet Italian sausage meat
2 basket cheese
8 eggs
1 c. ricotta
3/4 c. parmigiano cheese
pinch of baking powder

Buona Pasqua! Buon Appetito!

AJ Khubani Shows Lisa Marie Latino BulbHead’s Best Products

AJ Khubani brought some innovative consumer products into the #HipNJ studio to show Lisa Marie Latino the latest developments from his Fairfield-based company, BulbHead. In addition to the company’s e-commerce website BulbHead.com, all of the products displayed in the video are available from purchase through television advertising and in major retail stores like Walmart, Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

As far back as Khubani can remember, he loved developing gadgets. The company is in its 35th year of business having launched in 1983 after Khubani graduated from Montclair State. He credits his grim outlook on career possibilities and a bad economy for steering him towards developing the business. Khubani has successfully navigated the evolution of different medias having successfully advertised in print, television and now on social media.

Here are the cool products Khubani brought into the studio:

Egg Sitter Support Cushion

Engineered for the most comfortable seated experience, the pad is made with a honeycomb design and a sugarcane extract material. The cushion earns its name because you can actually sit on an uncooked egg and not break it!

Red Copper Flipwich

From the Red Copper line, this product is a double-sided, stovetop press for hugging together sandwiches, paninis and much more.

Red Copper 5 Minute Chef

Another Red Copper line product, the device is a countertop cooker that can be utilized to prepare just about anything. Chicken breasts and omelets are ready in a flash! AJ’s favorites are the endless desert possibilities.

PedEgg Easy Curve Foot File

BulbHead’s most popular product, the PedEgg has sold over 50 million products worldwide since its release in 2008. The tenth anniversary version of the foot file has new features like more micro-files and an 18-karat gold plating for antimicrobial properties.

Battle Vision Sunglasses

Developed from the popular features of the best-selling Amber Vision sunglasses, the new version utilizes the same blue-blocking technology and polarization for a crisp, clear view. The glasses are great for minimizing glare and safe driving. Every pair comes with a spare set because you always lose your sunglasses!

Bavarian Edge Knive Sharpener

This dual-edged knife sharpener is the world’s best product for sharpening your knives. The sharpener can renew any knife, even serrated knives. Khubani performed a quick demo for Lisa Marie who happened to have a knife that needed sharpening!

Khubani’s passion is making great products at competitive prices. All of the products displayed in the studio can be purchased for less than $40!

BulbHead has a special page for aspiring inventors to submit a product idea for consideration on their website.

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NJ Family Magazine Editorial Director Dina El Nabli with Marie Falzo and Lisa Marie Latino

Lisa Marie Latino and Maria Falzo are joined in the #HipNJ studio by Dina El Nabli, Editorial Director of New Jersey Family Magazine, to talk about the exciting new collaboration between the two organizations.

New Jersey Family is a 28-years-young publication that follows the parenting journey from pregnancy through the critical college years. In addition to their flagship magazine, they also publish New Jersey Baby Magazine, Raising Teens Magazine and The Big Book of Education. The only all-encompassing parenting publication in New Jersey, NJ Family has over 350,000 readers in print with distribution spread over nine different counties.

Maria Falzo tells the ladies she receives the magazine every month when it is sent home in her son’s folder. She loves using it as a resource for new activities and for insight into fresh topics.

In addition to great parenting tips, Dina talks about the importance of mommy self-care! The magazine has great ideas ranging from the latest fitness trends to a girl’s night out.

New Jersey Family maintains a significant online presence for breaking stories and timely information. Their social media presence helps them reach a larger audience whose needs may differ from those of the print audience.

While the two organizations have participated in many community events together, this is a new alliance that will help New Jersey Family bridge the gap from print to online media. Lisa Marie Latino reveals there will be lots of new content shared between the two sources. Be sure to look out for New Jersey Family content and articles right here at #HipNJ!

Find New Jersey Family on Facebook (@NewJerseyFamily), Instagram (@NewJerseyFamily), and Twitter(@NJFamilyMag) and don’t forget pick up the latest copy of New Jersey Family Magazine for great parenting advice and tips!