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Marlo Berliner on The Ghost Chronicles

Marlo Berliner, author of The Ghost Chronicles, sat with #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino to discuss the sequel, The Ghost Chronicles 2.

“It’s the paranormal discovery of the 90’s movie, Ghost, meets the forbidden romance of Twilight,” Berliner says of the series.

Berliner didn’t originally see the books as a romance. “That came after I stayed at the Angel of the Sea in Cape May.”

Berliner did some of her writing while she was staying there with her husband for their anniversary. During that time, she learned about the legend of the girl that supposedly haunts the Bed & Breakfast.

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Jane Randall on Jersreport.com

Jane Randall, former America’s Next Top Model contestant and Princeton graduate, sat with #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino to discuss her latest NJ adventure.

Randall went to Princeton as a lacrosse goalie, but by the end of her sophomore year, she ended up on reality television. “I asked my roommate to take a headshot of me and we sent it in. I ended up being selected by Tyra to be on the show,” she says.

Jersreport.com is Randall’s newest project. It is a website featuring headlines from across the state. “My experience on Top Model gave me good insight into the power of the editor,” she says.

“I think it’s a great resource for people to see and get a sense of what people are talking about,” she says. Check out the site here.


Reesa Lewandowski on MommaLew.com

Reesa Lewandowski, founder of MommaLew.com, joined us in the #HipNJ studio to discuss her site.

About six years ago, Lewandowski was a new stay at home mom who was looking for something to occupy her time. So, she started her blog.

“Over the last couple years, I’ve transformed it more into a food and lifestyle blog, and focused more on the New Jersey area,” she says.  “I love highlighting local places to go with the family, and attractions or events.”

When it comes to food, her main goal is to make things easy and affordable for families. “Gourmet meals that aren’t over the top,” she says.

So, what’s next? Lewandowski says that she is trying to focus a little more on herself, and on moving forward with her photography.

Check out MommaLew.com here.