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Behind the Scenes of TMZ with Adam Glyn

TMZ‘s Adam Glyn is definitely not the type of paparazzi that celebs hate.

This Union, New Jersey native is a one-of-a-kind journalist who many stars actually love chatting with.

Hip New Jersey found out what it’s like being behind the TMZ cameras and got the 411 on all of your Hollywood favorites.

Adam tells us:

“I don’t consider myself paparazzi. I consider myself a fun journalist. I don’t case around celebrities, and if they’re not into it, I walk to other way and they walk the other way.

TMZ brought back the journalism into news. They say, what happened? But what about this? But what about that? And keep questioning things and therefor you make stories out of stories.

I get to interview everyone on all platforms. I’ve done politics. I’ve interviewed Jimmy Carter. I’ve done stuff with Beyonce! LeBron James, Michael Jordan… I’ve seen it all.”

Adam thinks Kim Kardashian is great and says that Kanye West is “actually a nice guy” despite his notorious reputation for being a complete jerk.

Adam speaks highly of Joan Rivers. He tells us that she used to take off her earrings and give them to him She’d tell him to pass them along to his mother or grandmother. How sweet — RIP Joan!

Adam gets to go places most people could only dream of! Adam’s favorite experience working for TMZ was when he got a backstage pass to his favorite band, the Dave Matthews Band, and hang out with the band after the show in their trailer.

In order to spot the most celebs, Adam starts his day uptown in NYC and heads down to the West Village, SoHo, and East Village later in the afternoon. He stops in restaurants and cafes, bumping into stars along the way.

“At the end of the day, you have to respect the hustle,” says Adam.

For more on Adam’s adventures, follow him on Twitter!

Interview with Karen Hunter of SiriusXm

#HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino spoke with Karen Hunter about the beginning of her career up through her wild success in journalism, book-writing, radio, and more.

Karen was born and raised in East Orange, New Jersey. She attended Catholic school before studying at Drew University in Madison, NJ. She had intentions to be a lawyer, but after taking the LSATs she decided to try a different path.

Her first job was at a local newspaper, the News Record, in South Orange, NJ. She worked there for three months before landing a job at the Star Ledger. Inspired by writer Filip Bondy, she called up the New York Daily News every day asking for a job.

After winning a Polk Award and Pulitzer Prize for her work at the New York Daily News, she met with L.L. Cool J about writing his memoir. This launched her book-writing career where she wrote memoirs for over thirty people, including fellow #HipNJ native, and Janet Jackson.

Karen then decided to open her own publishing house, after writing five New York Times best sellers.

In the interview Karen tells us, “everything that you pour forth has to move people in some way if you’re going to entertain them and you’re going to educate them… you’re going to inspire them… and so that’s been a thread that I’ve sewn through every single piece of my career. Every book that I’ve put my name on, when you pick it up, you will walk away with something of value.”

Karen’s transition to radio began when she filled in for a morning show host who was on vacation. She was then offered a full-time radio position. Talker’s Magazine declared Karen one of the top 100 talk show hosts in the country.

Now Karen hosts the Karen Hunter Show on Urban View, channel 126 on SiriusXM. She is also a full-time professor and Distinguished Lecturer in the Film & Media Department at Hunter College.

For more on Karen and all of her endeavors, follow her on Twitter!

The Salon by Soon Dar Secrets

The Salon by Soon Dar Secrets featuring Bella Organici

Want to change your look and lifestyle? Well, look no further! If you want a happier, healthier you, The Salon by Soon Dar Secrets is the perfect place to maintain clean living.

The Salon by Soon Dar Secrets is located in the heart of Jersey’s very own hip town of Hoboken, and it is the town’s first clean air, organic salon. They do it all, from pedicures to manicures, to hair cuts and styles, to waxing and threading.  The salon even features yoga classes and special luxe events!

#HipNJ‘s correspondent, Lisa Marie Latino, was lucky enough to get pampered with a few of their luxury treatments while speaking to the salon’s owner, Pooja Tulsidas. Pooja explained how the salon uses wholesome products that are free from ammonia, formaldehyde and toxins in every one of their services.  The salon is safe and gracious for the entire family!

Organic doesn’t stop there! Ever think about trying out spray tanning, but afraid of exposing your skin to harsh chemicals?  Well, Lisa Marie caught up with Danielle DeCostello, the founder of Bella Organici, LLC, whose organic spray tan & skincare line is safe for all (even pregnant moms!)  Danielle offers her organic spray tanning at The Salon by Soon Dar Secrets, among many other Garden State luxury spots.

Book your appointment at The Salon by Soon Dar Secrets today by calling 201-683-0300 or visiting their website.