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Stack Happy Sweets

Stack Happy Sweets

Looking for the perfect dessert to share with others? You’re in luck! #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino spoke with the founders of Stack Happy Sweets, Jeri Freeman and Lauren Ohl, about the concept behind their innovative treats.

Lauren and Jeri met years ago when their kids were little. Having discovered a common love for cooking—and each seeking  to bring something new and different to the dessert industry—they came up with the idea for Stack Happy Sweets. 

A “Stack” takes dessert to a new level by layering three different flavors. A Stack base can be a traditional brownie, sugar cookie, coffee bar, snickerdoodle, blondie, or red velvet. The middle layer’s rich choices include chocolate, toffee, cheesecake glaze and peanut butter. Finally, top your Stack with a variety of special toppings—M&M’s, sweet & salty pretzels, candied pecans,  and other unique choices. 

“If a cookie, brownie, and cupcake had a baby, it would be a Stack!” Jeri exclaimed.

Their menu features 16 original flavors of Stacks to choose from, or you can create your own assortment of these bite-sized desserts. Stacks can be color-coordinated to match your party’s theme, and they make memorable gifts to loved ones and clients alike. You can even  personalize your special delivery with a company logo! 

This unique, delicious and creative dessert concept is located in Montville, but you can ship your Stacks anywhere in the country. 

Check out more about Stack Happy Sweets at StackHappySweets.com. For some sweet satisfaction, follow them on Instagram and Facebook

Starting an E-Commerce Store in New Jersey

Starting an E-Commerce Store in New Jersey

E-commerce is continuously growing and expanding as more and more people look to buy goods online. It is easy to see why so many entrepreneurs are setting up their own e-commerce stores, yet many of these end up failing which could be for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons that an e-commerce store fails is that it is not selling products which are in demand.

Of course, product demand is determined by location as well as the current trends. You should determine what it is in New Jersey, for instance, that makes people tick. Luckily, New Jersey, like the rest of America, allows for much choice when it comes to deciding on what it is you wish to sell.

Here are the top products you can sell on your e-commerce store.

1. Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones continue to be an enormous part of daily life for people of all ages. It is, therefore, no surprise that smartphone accessories are in demand, making it an industry which is expected to grow in the coming years. Selling any kind of smartphone accessories is a good move because they can also be very cheap to source, so there is potential for earning good money. It could include decorative kits, stylus, Bluetooth accessories, cases, and so on.

2. Pet Accessories

People have always been willing to spend money on their pets, but in recent times there has been a surge in the popularity of pet accessories. This is likely due to many celebrities and influential figures spending lots of money on their pets along with the rise of social media and people sharing pictures of their animals online.

3. Clothing

Unsurprisingly, clothing is always in demand as people constantly need new clothes and are willing to spend the money to impress others and boost their self-esteem. You can easily make money by starting your own T-shirt business and selling your designs online with mockup PSD templates making this easy to do so. In particular, sportswear, maternity wear and novelty t-shirts are all trending right now and good options to consider.

4. Health & Beauty Products

Health and beauty is another industry that is on the rise with more and more people getting into fitness within the last few years. Healthy snacks, protein shakes, supplements, moisturizers, and toners are all trending right now, and this looks set to continue over the next few years.

5. Vape Pens & Accessories

Vaping has developed into its own subculture, and it has become a gigantic industry, one which is expected to grow as more technological advances are made. Vaping is continuing to develop into a popular hobby, especially with the many cloud competitions serious vapers can now take part in.

E-commerce can be a lucrative area to enter and a business venture that can be relatively straightforward to set up and operate. Many businesses fail with e-commerce, however; this is because they are not selling products which are currently trending. The above are all highly in demand products right now in and around New Jersey, and this is expected to continue over the next few years which makes them smart products to sell in your store.

Deerkill Day Camp

Deerkill Day Camp

Summer is right around the corner, and now is the time for parents to find their summer camp!  #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino spoke with the owners of Deerkill Day Camp, Todd and Rebecca Rothman, about summer camps and what you can find at Deerkill Day Camp.

“Parents better start their search now and come on weekend tours to visit the camp before slots get filled,” explains Todd. Todd also mentions how the number one thing parents should look for in a camp is if it’s  ACA- Accredited. This means that your child’s summer camp cares enough to undergo a thorough peer review of its operation- from staff qualifications and training to emergency management.

Deerkill Day Camp is more than buildings, equipment, and scenery – it is a community, a vibrant space where each boy and girl contributes to the cooperative spirit that makes day camp such a magical place. When Rebecca’s grandparents Irwin and Mildred Rhodes founded Deerkill (Dutch for “deer stream”) in 1958, they wanted to create a community where children would be happy to explore their curiosity, develop new skills, form lifelong friendships, and, of course, have fun.

Now, 6 decades and 3 generations later, Deerkill Day Camp is still owned and directed by the Rhodes family and it is still that special place. Rebecca shares that their program is a really nice mix of both traditional and modern twists. They still have all sports that people would play at camp 20 years ago with an addition of new programs like movie-making, cooking programs and yoga. There is never a dull moment, you always have something exciting to do!

“Deerkill Day Camp is a nice mix of sports, arts and nature, an amazing opportunity to be totally unplugged, get away from all devices and be physically active getting in touch with outdoors.” – shares Rebecca.

To learn more about why so many families have turned to Deerkill Day Camp for their summer fun, visit them on their website. There you can find there virtual tours, videos and dates and rates. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.