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#HipNJ Takes on Seattle

by Alyssa Villasenor

Happy #TravelTuesday #HipNJ! This weekend my cousins and I took on Seattle, a city of rain and endless Starbucks.

We left early on Friday morning from the Newark Liberty International Airport. Our 6am flight was on time–but we were not. We rushed through security just to make our flight. We moved so fast my cousin actually lost his hat. The staff was patient with us the whole time, thankfully, and didn’t mention how none of us were wearing our shoes, only socks.

We stayed at the lovely Hyatt Place Seattle/Downtown Hotel, which was close to the iconic Space Needle. We had a great view of the Space Needle and got to see it light up at night from our window.

Our first meal was at The 5 Point Cafe. It was decorated in stickers and neon signs, one of which brightly announced “We Cheat Tourists-N-Drunks Since 1929.” The food was delicious and I had the “No Huevos” Rancheros, one of their many vegan options.

We spent our trip exploring downtown Seattle and Pike Place Market. The atmosphere was quite different from New York’s. First, the buildings were a lot shorter, and I was surprised every time I looked up and saw more sky than towers. The mood of the city was calmer than that of New York’s, in a way that was almost confusing as shops were closing up around 8pm. And of course, the air was cold, wet, and rainy, but the city still looked beautiful.

We visited the Gum Wall and were slightly grossed out, but enjoyed reading the little notes people stuck on the wall.

We enjoyed a S’more Sundae at Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream, a cute ice cream parlor that I already want to go back to.

We even saw diving Santa at the Seattle Aquarium!

Overall, Seattle was a wonderful city to spend the weekend in, but it felt nice to return to the slightly-warmer, less-rainy New Jersey!

Chris Ash Named Head Football Coach For Rutgers

On today’s Throwback Thursday we are highlighting the Scarlet Knight’s newest addition to their team, Coach Chris Ash. On December 10, 2015 Rutgers University Director of Athletics Patrick Hobbs announced that Chris Ash would be the new head coach of the football program.

While sitting at Newark Airport, Chris Ash got a call not to get on his flight and that he needed to go see the President Dr. Barachi at Rutgers and he started to wonder if he was actually going to get the position. When the car service picked him up at the airport he was informed that he in fact got the position of Rutgers head football coach and without hesitation Ash said that “I’m all in, I’m coming.” He was overwhelmed with excitement and joy and just enthusiasm to get started working with the Scarlet Knights.

Chris Ash was previous the co-defensive coordinator and safeties coach at Ohio State University lead them to the 2014 national championship. When a student athlete at Drake University Ash stated that, “I tore my ACL when I was a senior and I got involved being a student coach and I just loved it. I found a passion for it and I couldn’t wait to go into the office to work.”

Chris Ash really wants the Scarlet Knights to “play hard, play together and I want us to be playing our best football season as the season ends at the ends.” We wish all the success to the Scarlet Knights and Coach Chris Ash.

Happy Throwback Thursday! Good luck to Coach Chris Ash and the Rutgers Scarlet Nights with the reminder of their season!