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Why Join Sons of Italy?

Daniel J. Longo, the National President of the Order Sons of Italy in America describes the benefits of joining the organization for young people. Longo cites the diverse network of successful individuals found within SIF as one of the more prominent motivating factors for membership.

Longo explains that, “Once you join the Sons of Italy all the resources that the Sons of Italy has amassed over 100 years is available to you”.

Katie Vivian, a project coordinator for the Sons of Italy, describes the organization’s initiative to reach out to the younger demographic of professionals. The organization has begun to plan events such as happy hours and bocce ball tournaments to attract this younger audience.

Thomas C. Uzzo, a Sons of Italy supporter, describes the importance of cohesion among young Italian Americans. He explains that, “it is really important for young Italians to stay together in a culturally cohesive group where you share the same values and background”.

Finally, Miles Ryan Fisher, an Editor in Chief of Italian America, the official publication of the Order Sons of Italy in America. He describes how the publication brings its members information about Italian culture, heritage, and history.

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Sons of Italy Foundation Achievements

Joseph J. DiTrapani, Order Sons of Italy Foundation President, describes the people who will be honored at the NELA gala. He thanks the supporters of the SIF for helping them to raise the necessary funds to support the various honorees at this years Gala.

Daniel J. Longo, Order Sons of Italy in America National President, describes the primary charity focuses of the Sons of Italy as Cooley’s Anemia, Alzheimer’s and Autism. The foundation has given over $160 million to various charities they support!

Robert A. Banchi, the National 3rd Vice President of the organization, gives a shout out to our very own Lisa Marie Latino at the end of the clip for her dedication to the Sons of Italy mission.

Think of Yourself, Too!

By Lisa Cardoso

At Hip New Jersey, we understand that life is hectic! Balancing school, work, internships and most importantly ‘you time’ can be quite the juggling act. Often, we leave ourselves on the last line of our To-Do lists. Getting your work done to the best of your abilities relies on taking care of yourself. Having an all-work-no-play lifestyle can catch up to you and cause you to crash, something we cannot afford.

First off, I’m going to explain that having ‘me time’ is strongly necessary. If you’re giving all of your time to everyone and everything else, you’re going to forget to keep yourself healthy. Taking an hour (or two if possible) to be with yourself everyday, maybe taking a bath, a nap, or taking moment to sit, helps you collect yourself and thoughts. Our minds are constantly being filled with information. Having time to gather your thoughts and process the information will result in a calmer attitude towards your responsibilities.

New Jersey’s lifestyle is fast-paced and everything you’re doing today needed to be done yesterday. Saying no is an effective way to take care of your physical and mental health. Taking on too many tasks will clutter your life and will wipe you out. We’re not saying to say no to important tasks that could get you fired or hamper your grades, we’re saying that you don’t have to do everything you’re asked to. You still have to complete all of your school assignments and complete your work obligations, but any extras are not necessary. You are the most important person in your life and you come first.

Ways to relax yourself can be to take a bath. Baths are all the rage now with bath bombs that change the color, smell, and feel to your experience. Baths are not only for girls! Boys need to take this into consideration. Your body will thank you. The warm water will relax your tense muscles. Taking that time to sit with your eyes closed and your mind clear can help you feel like a new you!

Another way to relax is taking up yoga! New Jersey has hundreds of yoga studios and classes. Yoga is great for your body and increases bone health and blood flow. If you are sitting for long periods of time, spine stretches can help reduce the pain you may feel. Focusing on your health on the inside will produce energy and provide you with a happier day on the outside.

Take time to do the things you love! It could be anything. Doing things that make you, you and allowing yourself to feel joy is another way to be stress-free. Any hobbies you have shouldn’t get pushed into the dark. Doing the things you love regularly will lead to a happier way of life.

Some of us often forget to go to bed early and wake up at the same time everyday. Going to bed early is major when you have a busy day ahead of you. Being well rested will help you complete your day with minimal coffee breaks. A sleep schedule helps our body know when it’s time to go to sleep and when it’s time to wake up.

You’re your own best friend and no one is going to take care of you better than you can take care of yourself. Putting ourselves last on our To-Do lists is not a healthy way of life. If we can’t perform as our best self, then our performances are worthless. Remember that you are just as important as your job, your school and your internship!