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jennifer olawski

Reason for the Season Fundraiser

Hey #HipNJ, we hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving yesterday! Recently, I had the chance to speak with Jennifer Olawski, Founder of the Reason for the Season Fundraiser!
This fundraiser was started two years ago in Paterson where Jennifer was an elementary school teacher. She was talking to one of her first-graders and asked if she was excited for the holidays. Her student told her that she wasn’t because she has never received a gift on Christmas. Jennifer was crushed to hear this. To make it up to her student, she started this fund to give all 500 students a gift for Christmas.
Her first year was a success as she raised $3000 and was able to give each student an arts and crafts set. Her second year she raised $6000 and was able to gift each child a winter hat, gloves, and either an arts and crafts set or a slime kit!
Now entering her third year at a new location at Lincoln Elementary in New Brunswick, Jennifer is continuing the tradition and is doing better than ever! As of today, she has raised $8,830!! With this much raised, she is aiming to give her students winter accessories and a toy! 
This fund was started because of the little girl who was sad about the upcoming holiday. Jennifer hopes that this fund shows her students and the rest of the world that acts of kindness still exist. She also hopes that people will pay it forward and continue to treat others with generosity!
To learn more about the fundraiser and how to donate, click here!

Jennifer Brady on Oasis – A Haven for Women and Children

Jennifer Brady, executive director of Oasis – A Haven for Women and Children, sat with Joanna Gagis on “A Life & Living Moment” to discuss the goals of her organization and how it helps women get back on their feet! 

Furthermore, Brady discusses the organization’s various goals for the adult women who come through the doors of Oasis.  Among these goals are giving them the tools to gain their high school equivalency degree, learn English if they are a new immigrant to this country, and to gain citizenship.  The organization hopes that these skills will combine to help the women obtain jobs! 

Additionally, Brady wishes that these objectives will enable the women to “be great role models for their children and be self-supporting”.  

According to Brady, the most effective way to break the cycle of poverty is to provide the organization’s members with education and workforce readiness programming. To learn more about this great organization, click here

Philip’s Education Partners’ Annual Dream Maker Event

Philip’s Education Partners hosted their annual Dream Maker event at the Maplewood Country Club, and #HipNJ has the scoop!

The event honored former governor Tom Kean and camp director of LifeCamp, Eddie Franz.

“Philip’s has been proud to send students to LifeCamp for a number of years and was thrilled to honor the partnership we’ve created,” they stated in a post-event release.

Guests were treated to entertainment from Oz Pearlman, mentalist and finalist on “America’s Got Talent.

The Dream Maker event raised over $230,000 to support children in Newark, Paterson and beyond.

The mission of Philip’s Education Partners is to support the education of urban youth. To learn more, click here.