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spring fling

Announcing our Hip List Spring Fling Winners!


Congratulations to our Hip List Spring Fling winners! 

@DerekMommy2012 (Twitter) – “Sleepy Toes” by Kelli McNeil

@SeanAtch41 (Twitter) – Simply 8 Junkless Bars

@Eevongelic (Twitter) – Culver Creation’s Bow Holder

@SheRevelations (Twitter) – G&H Therapy

Marilyn Nicholls (Facebook) – LifeTherapy

@NicoleTorossian (Instagram) – She’s Her Own CEO hoodie

Miss_Red_Me (Twitter) – Goddess Garden 

@Mandy_Johns (Instagram) – Tech Smart Wallet Cross Body Purse

Melissa Soranno (Facebook) – Tervis Tumbler


Announcing Our #HipHolidays2016 Winners!

Thank you to the hundreds and hundreds of people who entered our #HipHolidays2016 giveaway!  Here’s who made Santa’s Hip List:

Formaggio Cheese: @MushyStarr (Twitter) 

“Ten Years Later”: @MewzMe2 (Twitter) 

Wiggletot: @NicolesChoice1 (Twitter) 

NJ Mom HQ: @Laxer1215 (Twitter)

“Lies and Other Acts of Love”: @Gottobe2 (Twitter)

Baby Accupressure System: @DBlack717 (Instagram)

Baby’s Time Capsule: @MarkGirlJana (Twitter) 

She’s Her Own CEO: @PattyCakes_65 (Twitter)

Nerium: @Darlene4999 (Instagram)

Booby Bars: @Farrell1939 (Instagram)