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C.R. Interior Designs

Home Renovations with C.R. Interior Designs

Caitlin Rutkay of C.R. Interior Designs, a renowned #HipNJ interior designer with over a decade of experience, knows how to find her way around a renovation. Take this advice from Architectural Digest should you be looking to break ground on your own this spring!

Bruce Irving, a realtor and home renovation consultant, tells Architectural Digest how you should seriously consider hiring both an architect and an interior designer at the starting line. “The two disciplines are separate, with separate training and knowledge stores, and since I believe strongly in the wisdom of investing in good design, I think you should have both involved, and preferably from the get-go,” he says. More help needn’t even be pricier, and could even be cheaper in the long term. “Having both from the start doesn’t mean you’ll be paying for both the whole time,” Bruce notes. “It will mean that the new space will be generated holistically rather than serially.”

Here are two images of a 2017 renovation designed and managed by C.R. Interior Designs, kitchen view during and after:

To get a head start on your reno plans, visit CaitlinRutkay.com.

New Brunswick Family Shelter Renovation

#HipNJ spoke with Jeannette Long, vice president of marketing communications for LIXIL Americas, about their recent philanthropic effort to remodel 12 apartments at a New Jersey family shelter.

“Our mission for American Standard is to improve daily living,” Long states. “We do that by making peoples’ lives easier and more comfortable.” So, they decided to work with Naomi’s Way, a shelter in New Brunswick offering support to homeless mothers who are employed or engaged in job training. “We wanted to find an opportunity that allowed us to engage with our local community and engage our employee base,” she explains. 

This project was a huge commitment for LIXIL Americas, having donated more than $100,000. About 43 employees took part in this venture, donating 330 hours. One thing that boosted morale was when the CEO decided to be involved in the remodel. “I was really touched and impressed when he reached out and said he wanted to be there,” Long recalls.

LIXIL donated the toilets, faucets, furniture, bath tubs, and more. In addition to labor, they painted all 12 units, working alongside Naomi’s Way’s team and hired local professionals. “When we did the before and after, it was amazing to see what the units looked like,” Long states. She says that it was well worth the time, “to know that there were families in need who would now have a beautiful and more efficient home.”

“For me, I’ve always believed in giving back,” Long says. “To be able to do this alongside colleagues was very special for me.” She says that she is proud to be a part of an organization that is willing to do this type of work. “People were grateful to have had the opportunity to work on this and to be a part of it.”

LIXIL is a global leader in housing and building materials, products and services, bringing together the most respected household global brands in the industry. To learn more, click here.

elend mortgage

eLEND Mortgage

#HipNJ and eLEND are teaming up for a #hip promotion with the stars of HGTV’s “America’s Most Desperate Kitchens”, Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri (aka “The Cousins!”)  

For the week of June 29th, the guys are taking over HipNewJersey.com with exclusive video content of their adventures around the Garden State.  The fun kicks off with a LIVE Twitter Q&A on June 29th at 1pm!

“The Cousins are New Jersey, we’re New Jersey, and we’re excited to see their growth,” explained Robert Pieklo, Chief Strategy Officer and EVP of eLEND.

eLEND is a division of Parsippany-based American Financial Resources, Inc., a national mortgage lender.  eLEND strives to provide affordable home financing options to first time buyers and existing homeowners.

“There’s a lot of press out there saying that you need ‘large down payments’ and ‘people can’t qualify for loans’.  We’re helping people realize that’s not the case,” explained Robert.

eLEND is helping the millennial generation establish roots in the Garden State by utilizing the latest technology and delivering educational resources to simplify the mortgage process.  This helps “empower our customers to make well-informed decisions.”

eLEND also offers renovation mortgages, perfect for the young homeowner looking to turn their fixer-upper into real estate gold (like Anthony and John do so perfectly!)

“Whether you want to fix up a kitchen or renovate a whole house, we have the financing that can help make that a reality,” proclaimed Robert.

What sets eLEND a part from the pack is their vision.  While other companies are focused on the “now”, eLEND is focused on tomorrow and beyond.  They are someone you definitely want in your corner while making the biggest purchase of your life!

For more information on eLEND, log onto eLEND.com.  And don’t forget to watch the debut of “America’s Most Desperate Kitchens” on Wednesday, July 1 at 8pm on HGTV!