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#HipNJ visits 128 West State Café

#HipNJ visited 128 West State Café, a new meeting place in the heart of Historic Trenton, to learn how they are giving new meaning to “Capitol Perk.”

“The idea was to appeal to the business community,” owner Dale Florio states. People along West State Street began asking for a breakfast and lunch café that would serve as a gathering place across from the State Capitol, and 128 West State Café was born.

“The idea was to have healthy, fresh food,” Florio states of the café’s unique menu. “There’s some variety there, which people seem to enjoy,” café manager Ando Dell says.

The staff has been there since the beginning, which adds to the café’s warm and welcoming environment. “We’re bringing people together, and it has become the meeting place we hoped it would be,” Florio says.

To learn more about 128 West State Café, click here.

#HIPHOLIDAYS 2016: Ten Years Later by Lisa Marie Latino

This #HipHolidays2016 pick features one of our own, Lisa Marie Latino and her debut novel, “Ten Years Later!”

Carla D’Agostino is not your typical heroine. Stuck in a seemingly dead-end job, single, and still living with her overbearing Italian-American parents, Carla is thrown for a loop when she realizes her ten-year high school reunion is fast approaching. True love, a career as a sports radio talk show host, the perfect body–every dream remains frustratingly out of reach no matter how Carla strives and schemes. Out of reach, that is, until unexpected events lead her right back to where she started, and Carla discovers that all she ever wanted was right in front of her the whole time.

“Ten Years Later” is a witty, unpredictable tale of one ordinary young woman’s race for the top as she throws caution to the wind and decides to go for her dreams.

“Ten Years Later” has received rave reviews on Amazon.com and Goodreads, and has gotten into the hands of some of our favorite female role models– Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Clarkson!

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#HIPHOLIDAYS 2016: Wiggletot

Looking for some help when changing your baby’s diaper? Then #HipNJ’s Maria Falzo is here to help you. Read up on our latest #HipHolidays2016 pick, Wiggletot!

Zaida Khaze, innovator and CEO of Wiggletot, told us all about this diaper changing set. Wiggletot is the only diaper-changer with a detachable vest. It keeps your baby in one place and entertained, letting mom or dad whip through the changing process with ease.

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