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Marissa Rives on SiriusXM Rush 93

Marissa Rives, Executive Producer of SiriusXM Rush 93, joined Lisa Marie Latino in the #HipNJ studio to discuss her illustrious career.

SiriusXM Rush 93 is the only Sirius channel dedicated to the world or MMA and Pro Wrestling. Rives and her partner at the time came together and convinced Sirius that there was an audience for this type of channel. “We need to do something about it,” she stated.

Rives is front and center for all big MMA and Pro Wrestling events, including the infamous Mayweather vs. McGregor match in 2017. She says there is nothing like watching a match in Las Vegas. “That city is electric,” she says.

What drives Rives? “I want to make a name for myself,” she says. “I want to be remembered for being someone who did something, cared about it, stayed grounded, and paid it forward.”

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