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NJ Brain Injury Alliance

Becky Quick’s Support of the NJ Brain Alliance is Personal

Becky Quick, co-anchor of CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” talks about her work with the Brain Injury Alliance of NJ with Steve Adubato on “One-on-One.”

“This is my pet charity,” explains Becky. “The work they do is so important for families who have a loved one affected by brain injury.”

When Becky was a student at Rutgers University, her 12-year-old brother Brian was hit by a car while riding his bike and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Brian is still living with the effects of the injury today.

The Brain Injury Alliance of NJ not only promotes preventative measures on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from brain injury, but they also help  those who have been impacted.

To learn more about Brian Injury Alliance of NJ, visit BIANJ.com.

Mike “Bad Boy” Marino On His Start In The Business

New Jersey comedian Mike “Bad Boy” Marino sat down with Steve Adubato on “One-on-One” to discuss his start in the business and how his New Jersey accent got him some of his first roles.

“I didn’t ever really set out to be a comedian,” the Jersey City native said. “All my life, I wanted to be an actor. I grew up doing plays in school.” He recalls imitating television commercials.

When he was around sixteen or seventeen, he started going to New York and doing television commercials. “I never really wanted to be funny. I thought I was going to be the next Robert De Niro.”

Then, when he was around twenty-five, he moved to California where he was told that his Jersey accent was funny. So, he started doing stand-up at clubs which led to acting jobs. “There’s no greater high than a live performance,” the comedian says.

To learn more about Mike “Bad Boy” Marino, head over to his website.

Alisyn Camerota on Growing Up In New Jersey

Alisyn Camerota, CNN’s New Day co-anchor, sat down with Steve Adubato on “One-on-One” to discuss how growing up in New Jersey has influenced her career and life.

Camerota, a Monmouth County native, describes the Jersey Shore as the “best place in the world to grow up.”

“I don’t know who I would’ve been, or what I would’ve been like,” she says at the thought of growing up somewhere other than Jersey.

While in high school, she discovered that she wanted to be a reporter and a TV journalist. When she was about 15 years old, she would watch The Phil Donahue Show, wondering if she could do that herself. “He would be running around his studio audience with a microphone asking people questions,” she explains. This led her to thinking, “Can I do that?”

To learn more about Alisyn Camerota, check out her official Facebook page.