Summer Skin Care

The Hip List: Summer Skin Care

Check out #HipNJ’s Maria Falzo’s secrets to soft, sexy summer skin!

Soften Her Soften Stubble
This little round pad is the secret to soft, smooth, sexy skin. Soften Her gently exfoliates, prevents in-grown hairs, softens grow-back hair, and reduces razor bumps. It’s easy to use, hypoallergenic, compact, and made with a chemical-free solution that softens unwanted hair before it’s removed. 1 box includes three pads, which each last up to 2 months each! $11.99,

Pura Naturals Soap-Infused Sponge
Each Pura Naturals sponge is infused with Levels Naturals soap, botanicals, and essential oils that are all 100% vegan and gluten-free. While the sponge exfoliates it also removes oils and contaminants from your skin. The sponge is gentle, smells amazing, and cleanses thoroughly.  This sponge is perfect for traveling as well! $5.99-$8.99-

Benzac Acne Solutions
The newest acne treatment from the makers of Cetaphil has created this three-step process to clear skin in a simple, cost-efficient way. The cleanser, hydrator, and spot treatment get to the bottom of your breakouts before they begin and prevent them from coming back. Benzac’s clinically proven formula combines salicylic acid to help unclog pores with East Indian Sandalwood Oil to combat redness and irritated skin. Visit Benzac’s website or click for a $5 coupon as well! $26.99,

D’or facial peals gold elements
In order to get your golden summer glow, you can actually use real gold! This soft facial peel is enhanced with active ingredients to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and unclog pores leaving your skin refreshed and healthy. Let your skin “breathe” this summer with this light, soothing, and cleansing peel. $149,