Vanessa Coppes

Vanessa dabbled in styling, art and makeup at an early age—creating jewelry and accessories at age 9 and mastering a make-up kit at 12. She went on to study design, Psychology and education in college. Throughout her life, however, writing has always been her most important outlet to not only internalize lessons, but also to teach and connect with others, which prompted her to launch her lifestyle blog over 10 years ago. Today, Coppes is committed to sharing what she has learned through her experiences. Her mission is to motivate and inspire women to live the lives they want, while building a fabulous business they love. Coppes has written two books, “5 Steps to Fabulous: Choices for Living Beautifully, Inside and Out!” and “Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses: A Guide for Solo-Entrepreneurs!” She is a lifestyle blogger, the Founder of V+Co. Consulting, the Content Marketing manager for BELLA New York and Los Angeles magazines, the co-founder of ETTWomen and the ETTWomen Foundation, and a contributor.