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Choosing The Perfect Wine For Your Barbecue

Happy #WineWednesday! With summer hosting just around the corner, wine expert, Joe Roberts shares his tips for pairing burgers, sausages and vegetarian selections. If you’re wondering how best to indulge your love for wine while cooking amid the great outdoors this summer, #HipNJ has got you covered thanks to

For Burgers: Italian Negroamaro


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For Ribs: California Zinfandel


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For Smoked Meats & Sausages: Côtes du Rhône Red

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For Salads: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

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For Veggie Burgers: Provence Rosé

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Now that you know about these perfect pairings, impress your friends at your next barbecue! As Benjamin Franklin said, “In wine there is wisdom.”

How To Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

By Kenneth Barilari

Summer is here! That means days at the beach and nights of fireworks. Sometimes, the summer heat and beautiful firework displays can put our furry friends in a stressful situation. So, #HipNJ is here with Dr. Arbach, veterinarian at Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital, to provide you with a list of ways to keep your dog safe this summer!

1. Don’t leave your dog in an unattended vehicle.

Even with the windows open, cars get dangerously hot on summer days.
Vet says: “Please never leave your dog alone in a car in the warmer months! Even if every window is open an excited dog can overheat easily.”

2. Avoid hot surfaces.

If the asphalt is too hot for you to walk on, it probably is too hot for your dog too. Dog’s paws are more sensitive than you think.
Vet says: “The summer pavement can get very hot. Dogs can get blisters on their pads from very hot surfaces. Some dogs just don’t know when to stop until they are bleeding.”

3. When outside, make sure your dog has access to shade.

Always be sure your dog has somewhere to go that is out of direct sunlight.
Vet says: “If you notice your dog excessively panting and tongue hanging low, offer cool water and get to shade.”

4. Avoid giving your dog certain foods at barbecues.

It is good to include your dog in the fun, but be sure to watch what they eat!
Vet says: “Every food at a picnic can potentially harm a dog. Watch out with chocolate, raisins, onions, grapes, and artificial sweeteners. These ingredients can be deadly if enough is ingested by your dog.”

5. Take walks during the cooler hours of the day.

Walking your dog early mornings and evenings lowers risk of overheating and still gives your pets the exercise they need!
Vet says: “It takes time to acclimate to temperature changes, so those first hot days of late spring and early summer are especially dangerous. Try taking your dog out in the early morning or evening to avoid problems.”

6. Find out if your dog can swim, and get a life vest if not.

Gradually introduce your dog to water. If they can swim, be sure to watch them at all times, just like you would watch a child!
Vet says: “If you are not sure if your dog is a good swimmer take baby steps introducing them to shallow water first. Never force or punish a dog when introducing something new – this only creates anxiety which makes things worse.”

7. Get an “Anxiety Vest” for fireworks. (if your dog gets scared)

An “Anxiety Vest” applies gentle, constant pressure, similar
to swaddling an infant. This will help calm your dog when they hear constant loud noises, like fireworks.
Vet says: “Introducing your puppy to gradual increases in noise helps them get used to noise later in life. If they do experience a noise phobia allow them a safe place to hide, use a “thunder shirt” as a kind of hug.”

8. Always have fresh water on hand.

Dogs get thirsty, just like us. You don’t want your pal getting dehydrated.
Vet says: “Never wait to see if your dog is getting dehydrated to intervene. Always have access to water inside and regular offerings of cool water when outside. I always have a collapsible water bowl that I can fill with water when I am out on a hike with my dog.”

9. Sunscreen is for your dog too!

We aren’t the only ones who benefit from the use of sunscreen.

Vet says: “I recommend sunscreen for dogs that have a coat that does not protect their skin from the sun. Many veterinary dermatologists recommend dry on contact sunscreens that are labeled for babies.”

10. Watch for heavy breathing.

Monitor your dog during the hot months. Watch their breathing and do not hesitate to take action if you notice anything unusual.
Vet says: “If you notice your dog excessively panting and tongue hanging low offer cool water, get to shade or air-conditioning, wet down your dog, or get to the nearest veterinary hospital for evaluation.”

We hope these tips help you and your doggy have a safe and happy summer. Stay cool, stay hydrated, and be a good buddy to your buddy.

Weekend Recap: Jersey is the Ultimate Concert Destination

This summer heat wave is pretty intense, but that certainly hasn’t stopped concert tours from passing through the #GardenState! Billboard chart-toppers seemed to be running rapid all weekend long. Leave it to #HipNJ to keep you posted in case you missed something in our weekend recap!

Friday, July 15th

Let’s first recap the weekend for those who couldn’t make it to a #NJ concert. This summer, Jersey shore water appears to be clearer than ever and it really came to the attention of many moving into this weekend. The phenomenon is influenced by the amount of rain the state gets and the strength of the wind. But don’t let yourself get hung up on the facts because this may not be ever-lasting. Go out and enjoy the aqua-green tinted water before it’s too late!

Justin Bieber returned to Jersey just two weeks after his Newark show in the current leg of the Purpose World Tour. But this time he visited Atlantic City – he wanted to see the clear shore water, too! Boardwalk Hall was lit up as the superstar performed the set list that we just never seem to get tired of.

Saturday, July 16th

Do you remember when…The Beach Boys wowed audiences decades ago? Oh, wait, they still do! The iconic rock group showed that they still have it in them on Saturday night at the Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove.

Keith Urban really brought the fire with him at his concert on Saturday night as part of his ripCORD World Tour. No, really, a food truck fire plagued the PNC Bank Arts Center earlier in the day. The concert went on, nevertheless. And the way fans see it, the fire was just a foreshadowing of the awesome show that he would later put on.

Sunday, July 17th

Vans Warped Tour is back this summer and it made its stop in Jersey on Sunday. This tour is the Super Bowl for rock fans. How could it not be? With appearances by top-name bands such as Good Charlotte and American Authors, what rock fan wouldn’t be rushing to get front and center?

Speaking of the Super Bowl, remember Coldplay’s awe-inspiring performance at Super Bowl 50 earlier this year? The British rock group brought that same showmanship and energy on the second of two nights at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. East Rutherford was just the first stop on the American leg of their A Head Full of Dreams Tour in support of their latest studio album of the same name.

She ran away in her sleep, and dreamed of paradise ✨ #coldplay #takemeback

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