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#HipNJ Cares highlights the Garden State’s heart of gold. We feature passionate charity efforts and the philanthropic all-stars behind these important initiatives!

#HipNJ Cares: BBN Foundation 2nd Annual Fall Gala

#HipNJ is proud to support the BBN Foundation and their annual gala for the second year!

The mission of the BBN Foundation is to support and provide educational programs that promote effective and compassionate communication in healthcare. Their objective is to improve healthcare through better communication.

We attended their fete at The Wilshire Grand Hotel in West Orange, and spoke to the key people who are making groundbreaking changes in the medical world.

Dr. Anthony Orsini, developer of the “Breaking Bad News” model, explained to our Lisa Marie Latino about the strides the organization has made since we spoke a year ago.

“With the money raised last year, we were able to expand the program into training doctors in five different specialities in four different hospitals in New Jersey,” dished Doctor.  “I’m also very happy to announce that, as of this year, we’re expanding the program to Florida and Virginia“.

Count the BBN Foundation among the many trends #HipNJ sets across the country!

Debbie Woodbury, author of and a cancer survivor, lauded the program: “We’ve all gotten bad news, and I’ve heard so many horror stories [about how medical professionals handled the situation], so it’s wonderful that someone is doing something about it.”

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Happy Veterans Day! Presenting the American Dream Wedding Scavenger Hunt

The town of Bernardsville recognizes the large sacrifice made by American men and women serving in the armed forces.

To show their appreciation, businesses banded together to sponsor The American Military Dream Wedding Giveaway, an all-inclusive, all-expense paid wedding of a lifetime. The finalists competed in a scavenger hunt where the winner took all!

#HipNJ’s Julie Dedoussis was behind-the-scenes with the owner of Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers, Faina Shapiro, who tells #HipNJ that they donated engagement rings and wedding bands for The American Military Dream Wedding Giveaway. She had an idea to do something good for the veterans, which turned into this great event that brought the community together!

Nicole Russo, the winner of the scavenger hunt, has a military fiancé overseas right now and did the race for him. She says winning would be a great motivation for him to get home as soon as he can! Nicole had no words after this amazing win of a lifetime; she was so happy to have the opportunity for her family to all be together on her special day.  Without the generosity of all the participating vendors, she never would have been able to afford her dream.

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#HipNJ: Pump and Run

#HipNJ’s Julie Dedoussis was in Hoboken for the 4th annual Pump and Run a lifting competition and 5k run- to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project!

Bennett Smith, of Crossfit Hoboken, tells #HipNJ that Crossfit Hoboken has many first responders, and they want to give back directly to them. Matt Peck, a participant of the Pump and Run, thought it would be a great idea to spend their Saturday morning getting some exercise while helping out a great cause! Another participant, Kimberly Adams, liked that the race was age separated. “Then you don’t have to compete with the 20 year olds!”

This awesome event started with a bench press competition, where each participant had the chance to earn time deduction for their race. The participants had to lift 145 lbs as many times as they can for up to 45 reps. For every rep they complete, 20 seconds is deducted from their race time. After the bench press competition, the 5k begins!

People from all over the tri-state area flock to this fun and generous event.  Bennett of Crossfit Hoboken was proud to tell us they expect to give back over $10,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project! What a great event for such a great cause!

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